The New Zealand Herald’s political reporter, Jason Walls, reporting of John Key’s quit advise to leakers at the Party’s Saturday Wellington AGM, wrote “The comments received rapturous support from those in attendance”.

Presumably folk not in attendance and instead, sitting in cafés and walking about out in the streets, or in their cars in Te Awamutu, all ignored Key’s comments, hardly surprising as they (sensibly) weren’t there to hear them.


“all ignored Key’s comments, hardly surprising as they (sensibly) weren’t there to hear them”.

SB, I am interested your apparent dislike of the National party, like for Labour radicals and support (now past thank the stars) for Winnie.

Winnie has survived by lying to the gullible for decades, Labour radicals despise everything you represent while National would (or should) hold you up as a party poster boy.
You represent what can be done with hard work, perseverance, employing good people, application and not standing around with your hand out.

And yet …. you support and push Parties and people who represent none of those things. Even your verement dislike of Trump never ever recognized his belief of people making things better for themselves through jobs and business growth.

You have me puzzled indeed Sir.

Cruise ship used to spread the Covid-19 virus.

5 April 2020: New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller announces a criminal investigation into the operator of the Ruby Princess cruise ship after the death of 10 passengers from coronavirus. This was to be conducted by the NSW Police homicide squad.
15 April 2020: A Special Commission of Inquiry into the Ruby Princess was initiated to curtail the police investigation. Some months later the Commissioner reported that everything was an unfortunate string of accidents and errors.
22 April 2020: NZ Customs announced an investigation into Ruby Princess cruise-ship staff concerning Covid-19 clusters in New Zealand.

Accidental, or not, the Ruby Princess certainly spread the virus far and wide:

See image showing where virus from the Ruby Princess was spread.

Here is a false declaration of health sent by the Ruby Princess to the Auckland District Health Board. It was obtained by stuff.co.nz under the Official Information Act. The declaration is dated 16 March, and claims to have been submitted at the port of Tauranga, however, the cruise of the Ruby Princess was cut short, and the ship never visited Tauranga.

On 15 March a declaration of health would have been sent from the Ruby Princess, then at the port of Napier, to the Bay of Plenty District Health Board. This would have been needed to dock at the port of Tauranga, as planned for March 16. After changing one word, Napier, to Tauranga, and the (first instance of the) date to the 16th, and presumably the registration number, the same document was sent to the Auckland District Health Board. This would have been needed to dock at Auckland, as planned for March 17. Doing this had the effect of hiding the true health situation on March 16. Why was it necessary to hide the true health situation of the Ruby Princess? One has to assume that someone on board knew the ship was carrying Covid-19.

From: http://preearth.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1174

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