The Police were called to the Dominion-Post’s office this morning after reports of sustained screaming.

It turned out to be one of their sub-editors receiving 1000 lashes from the editor.

The silly bugger let slip through in this morning’s newspaper, the banned two words “New Zealand”, instead of “Aotearoa”.


We sure are being socially engineered by that poor excuse for a news paper….

We sure are being socially engineered by that poor excuse for a news paper . . .

Even worse for him coming when the BUFOON hears about this travesty.
Best he seek out a musket quick smart.

The social(ist) experiment is well underway across most media outlets, what are the bets that comrade Marx-cinda will get the change over the line before departure. Next we will see gender neutral pronouns coming down the same route until we are all suitably brainwashed in the ways of the hammer and sickle

    That will be the ideal time to invite Jordan Paterson to New Zealand for a 30 gig tour, to set the record straight for those soothed by the Jacinda kool-aid.

    I have correspondence from a DOC official in Southland on agency letterhead – he (clearly evident from his ‘christian’ name) signed off his missive with his full name and in brackets (he/him).

    Yawn ….

      Yeah, many government departments are doing that now. It’s a bit dumb because really who cares what people want to personally think of themselves. Isn’t that the point of being empowered to believe what you want to about yourself?

So how are you feeling about today’s effort from the Dom-Post? The journalists who have gone before the current crop of opinion writers must be fair twirling …

    Please excuse this impromptu comment. Do you know a Fiona Knight? If so, may I meet with you to discuss her whereabouts and what’s best for her future? She may be obese and need help to slim down.

Does anybody have advice on where tog o for NZ news now that Stuff LTD has opened up about trading news for racist ideology? It’s been a long time since I looked there for international news but between their attempts to make facts seem racist and the Herald with dubious authors like David Fisher there’s precious little to read about our own nation.

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