On the opening day of Parliament the Prime Minister wore a maori cloak. Why?

Is she a maori and can we expect some facial tattoos and if not, why not?


Facial tatoos / mokos will be useful as WINZ barcodes

Our PM is a darling of the left side of politics,not just in her own country,but in several other English speaking regimes.
One need only read the gushing accolades from “the guardian” and others to observe this.

The global Left’s push for diversity,and “inclusion” includes the fiction that if a fatuous wishlist is promoted long enough and hard enough,it will be accepted as “truth”.

Maori constitute approx 10% of Enzed’s population,the remainder consists of those who trace their ancestry to a myriad of races,cultures and ancestral traditions.

However,totally in line with Social Democratic (socialist)dogma,the “indigenous people” are favoured,and their culture promoted on the grounds that they were oppressed by the European invaders.

We all know of the resentment which this promotes among the less indigenously racially endowed.
The Resource Management Act is a non-shining example.

So, for the PM to parade herself,at the opening of the parliament in a Maori cloak,is simply rubbing our noses in it.
And the “it” is the liberal.socialist,democratic,left,call it what you will, divide and destroy of the fabric of society,leading to autocratic rule.

Yes anyone above a certain age would think this. To be honest so did I watching the the TV news, as well as seeing in the previous year the increasing use of Te Reo in public use. As i said to a social worker last week, ” that I cannot see how adding and speaking odd word of Te Reo could possibly lead to better social outcomes when the core of the problem is now intergenerational issues”.
However i have now realised I was wrong thinking all this about the reintroduction of all things Maori into NZ 2020.

One of our prime revenue streams is tourism. The larger the differences we can give to NZ from Australia and the 4 other anglo saxon countries, the better .
The One World we were heading to, where popular culture, shops , infrastructure and in the case of Euro currency made it harder to distinguish at times which country you were in . The old cultures that made the fabric of the world interesting were slowly disappearing in any large city. It increasingly felt that change the colour and accent of the inhabitants and you could interchange the cities.

If Travellers when they come to NZ see the odd non english words , the prime minster with a cloak, the reenactment of a Goldy painting scene in parliament, they will know they are in NZ and only NZ.
That is the positive side of the PC and woke world we are living in. Even a old cynic like Sir Bob should be looking for the positives. Sent from a smartphone- as there is always a positive.

    Well there is that I suppose.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Scott Morrison prancing about in a loin cloth in retaliation and in support of the Aussie tourist industry. Hope they can cope with the rush.

Just predictable show pony behaviour.

And bastardisation of National Anthems are considered “humorous renditions” and do not breach Broadcasting Standards. – Broadcasting Standards Authority ruling.

The answer is virtue signalling . Islamic Hijab , Maori cloak … will happily don a cowboy hat with corks if there’s political gain in the aussies . Remember labour fighting for and winning and trying to maintain the Maori vote .my question is … why were going to do an archeological study on the Kaimana way wall , only for the govt to shit it down ? Why are we banned from exploring the stone domes in the Waipoua forest ? ( exactly the same as the Celtic ones in Europe ) and why gag roaring crews who exhume skeletons wrapped in blankets with European skulls ? How do we explain the thousands of skeletons with European skulls that hv been found and documented? Why cover this up if there’s nothing to hide ?. Let’s explore our history . Seems to me that Europeans were here first as admitted by Maori arrivals , but somewhere Nz made a call to back a certain take on history and are sticking with it …. I don’t care who was here first but it Wd create untold problems for the govt if it was ever formally and scientifically proven wdnt it ? Tangata whenua … hmmmm …. I mean we signed a treaty and hv to abide by it , fair play cdnt beat the poms at war , they had too many resources tied up in other endeavours and the Maori were smart fighters , rifle pits , underground shelters in pa from cannons and guerilla warfare etc , good on em , honour the treaty , but let’s be up front about our real history , explore it , archaeologically prove or disprove it , and move on .

When the s..t hits the fan ( and it will ) there will be a number of us who can proudly say:

1) I told you so, and,

2) I have never ever voted for those bastards and never will

Give me a boring but very capable PM like Bill English any day, rather than the ”hey look at me” moron ”running” the country

No burkha then?

Head scarf, Burkha, feathered cloak. All the same aren’t they?. Symbols of beliefs.
Maybe she thinks she’s a Maori immigrant instead of a European immigrant. She also draws a wage from real tax payers just like being on the dole. Even gets accommodation thrown in.
Stupidity personified.

Preferably not, however the Maori people of New Zealand wear them well and own that culture.
Her looking quite European and being supportive is a true sign of respect however she is a Paul skinned woman. “Dances with wolves?”

It’s not a cloak, it’s a saddle blanket.

worse jacinda exchanged nasial fluid with the Maori party members which is clearly hypocritical when the plebs are required to wear masks on public transport

oh she is very woke and aware. It not about having workable policy. It is about appearing to be concerned. Appearing to identify. Appearing to understand. In a more and more social media influenced culture she knows exactly what she is doing. Though maybe she really does believe that her beliefs and actions will make a difference. Many people think so and applaud her and well frankly worship her. This is her time in the sun. It will pass. lets just hope that not too much damage is done.

Its all part of the side show and circus clowns, we had a Clint Eastwood wanna be wearing his Stetson in Parliament last week.

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