NEW Labour MP Arena Williams, in her maiden speech, announced another hitherto unknown human right to add to the lengthy list seemingly added to daily by lightweight non-thinkers.

Arena told the House, “Her Dad taught her that dignity is the most fundamental of human rights”.

I’ll wager even the Human Rights Commission haven’t heard that one.

ARENA: Your Dad was talking cock as is always the case once the word “Fundamental” is brought into play.

Dignity is certainly a desirable aspiration but it’s not a human right.


And Ill wager that some ninny in the so called Human Rights Commission is now eagerly awaiting the first correspondence under this banner from an army of mad eyed fundamentalists lamenting an assault on their self perceived dignity

Leftists are not allowed to have aspirations, as all good things come exclusively from the State, so they have to disguise their hopes and desires in a cloak of either victimhood credentials or imaginary rights and wait for the State-provided rewards to pour down upon them.

How dignified of you Arena? Dignity no longer required to be earned. Everyone, human, has the fundamental right to dignity? Including those, we all identify as a disgrace to humanity? Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and the likes?

    Quite. Rather everyone has a fundamental human right to be told when they are talking cock. It is called free speech. I suspect Arena is not too keen on it.

Human race imploding: We are accepting and promoting utter madness. The left (4th) estate are anarchists. Witness this as an exponential increase as we all try to “out-woke” the last idiotic statement.
The irony is Stalin (a woke socialist god) butchered more academics than any free thinking system of democracy. People that are not mind controlled are generally contempt and happy to get on with their lives…so keep up the mind control wonderful Cindy. You will eventually achieve a good trimming in an exploding human population.

I don’t think she even knows what dignity means. I wonder if she was elected. It is irrelevant anyway. She is clearly an ass. There are many very stupid people now treading the halls of the beehive.
We get what we deserve in the end.

The UN declaration mentions dignity but obviously not as a right – it separates out dignity and rights

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