Three days ago the Pope hitched up his ballgown and bowled down to Rome’s tourist hotspot, the Spanish Steps.

There he publicly prayed to his God (whose name no Christian can tell me, Godding being a job description), to have mercy on people struggling with the pandemic.

That was an outrageous impertinence. If the Pope’s all-wise, all powerful, nameless God wants people to suffer, then asking him to change his mind which is what prayer constitutes, is utterly disrespectful.

The fact that God bore this insult rather than a bit of smiting or wiping the Pope out with a spot of lightning leaves only one conclusion. The bugger doesn’t exist.


Some would strongly disagree Bob. Among the faithful there’s a belief he recently frowned at a woman motorist in the capital’s Johnston Street, but he was attired in conservative garb. The woman had her spirits lifted.

…no no no…the “smiting” must here forth be done by Tānemahuta…and you need to say it right …or Cindy’s Offenderat will be after you.

haha nice Sir Bob. There is a God though and its a man-god not a rampant feminist or pygmy. At the moment God is having a good laugh at the lunatics the masses have put in charge on planet earth. The thing that doesn’t exist is the so-called pandemic.

    Hmmm! An interesting proposition. Is a really bad flu that can be fatal to those already nearing lifes end and/or those with underlying health conditions whose life has already been prolonged by modern medicine, actually a PANDEMIC?

    Great question. But certainly most of the world has destroyed their economies to mitigate its damage to that particular group.

    I’m with you though. Pandemic if everyone is susceptible but as we now know 90% of the population hardly know they have it. So not a pandemic for them!

The name of God in the Jewish and Christian tradition is Yahweh.

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