I’ve just come into Wellington for a lunch and am shaking with disbelief.

In the city I fell in behind a woman driver stopped at a red light. When the lights changed she immediately took off. I nearly had a heart attack.

In 8 decades of driving I’ve never known this to happen without the prerequisite 6 seconds staring, presumably suspicion of a plot.

No-one in the office believes me. Have any readers experienced such a phenomenon?


Probably a drag queen…

I’m going to suggest that all your female readers/contributors are equally enabled drivers.
Otherwise they wouldn’t be here. 🙂

    …no she was late for a climate change protest…we know this as the car was I.C engine diesel, and there were no car poolers with her.

I was once driving along a road parallel to Lake Taupo seeking directions from a woman passenger. She said turn right. I said if I turn right I’ll go into the Lake. She said, no, the other right.

Phone battery was obviously flat.

I don’t believe you Bob. You’re pulling my leg!

Hmmmm cd be the phone battery …. or the bloody kardashians , or bachelor , or say yes to the dress was about to kick off …. quite possibly an involuntary muscle spasm sir

She was a stern, aggressive alpha-female who knows exactly what she’s doing and where she’s going. Look out!

I can laugh at this because I’m a woman ( not cis crap) who is of boomer age- I’m not easily offended😊.

Obviously did not have her Fartsmone, and could not do the usual ” texting at the lights” trick.
Maybe she has a real life – not a cell phone one.

We will have to watch what we say once Angry Andy gets his anti free speech law in place.
Someone wrote “Islam is right about women” on the footpath. Major flap on right now, apparently way beyond the pale, that’s hate speech. Strangely no one has said against who, my guess it’s anti Islam, them being higher in the victimhood totem pole right now. Sorry ladies.

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