Oh what fun! The media are now in full cry with their standard pack-hunting turning on Mallard with resignation demands over his rape allegation, and the subsequent legal costs met by taxpayers.

Now I can’t speak for radio and television news as I neither listen nor watch them but I well remember when this matter first arose.

For weeks on end the Dominion-Post and to a lesser extent the Herald, painted an orgiastic scene of the sexual molestation claims in Parliament, including rumours of rape.

These assertions became the Speaker’s responsibility to deal with. His sole mistake was to believe what he was reading in the press. He spoke out strongly including repeating the rape allegation.

Now that the dust has cleared it transpires, surprise, surprise that the whole episode was a grossly exaggerated journalistic beat-up.

Mallard acted responsibly with his strongly worded no tolerance statement based on the print media’s fiction-writing. Furthermore, they reported his comments at the time in an endorsing manner as appropriate.

It’s clear there is no limit to their hypocrisy in now turning on him. Journalists are rightly fond of speaking of their role in holding the powerful to account. It’s a valid claim for which we should be grateful.

But on the negative side, my life-long observation is their envy-based joy in pulling powerful people down, an ever present sickening reality.

They also slammed him for releasing his apology on the day of a major news item so as to drown it.

Give me a break. That’s par for form with every negative release by governments and commerce, namely to always release bad news on Fridays, a low readership attention day.

But by far the worst are newspapers’ apologies when they err.

I could list dozens such as a few years ago the Dom-Post blasting me across the back page as a hypocrite then too late realising they’d got it wrong.

Their next day apology. A few lines without a heading buried at the bottom of a low interest page item.


Exactly right. Trevor has been treated appallingly by all the parties you mention and they should be held to account.

Mallard seems to be a sitting duck

So Mallard simply believed what he read in the press, similar to President Trump’s abuse over the last four years from the lying, politically biased media.

That Father Daughter team and their journalistic beatup of Mallard is all cringe

Should the taxpayer then cover his settlement costs? For which he changed the rules…..

Definitely agree that the clandestine release is par for the course, though remember Labour are the most open and honest government in the history of our virtuous country ! Cindy is leading us in a new form of open and honest leadership, while our Speaker is completely unbiased in his judgement…..yes well …we must be kind now.
Mallard and Labour have given us a climate of socially responsible journalism so they must deal with the “rod made for their own backs”.
If Mallard knee-jerks on media accusations, thats his problem. He’s been round long enough, so surely we can’t believe him to be that naive.
What is more likely; he was being a hero and deflecting the heat off Cindy (again) at a time when serious sexist allegations were cracking through the surface of their wonderfully woke party. It really just shows how much they care for the “working man” who/’m in this case was shit on from a great height.
We all work, we all cop his stupidity.
Nothing will change as the left are social justice warriors for the good of humanity. Virtuously morally superior in every way.

As I say, if politics is a supermarket then our politicians are just the checkout girls – taking your order. The real world of politics is controlled by the media. They can frame everything they want, ignore what they want, and make the totally bullshit false-suggestive headlines while knowing that 90% of the public will *only* read the headline.

These people have been making and breaking politicians, and others, however which way they want since the beginning of time. If they don’t want you – they ruin you. And there is no true accountability.

I don’t think this is an accurate representation.

There was a PMO staffer who was accused of the sexual assault of young, female Labour Party members. This person was protected by Jacinda and Grant until he eventually resigned.

Separately, there was an individual who apparently hugged people too much. Trevor publicly accused this person of rape and he lost his job.

These are not the same people, and to the extent there was a media beat up about either case, it was the former.

    AND you have to ask the question…if the alleged ‘rapist’ was a female and had been falsely accused, can you imagine the screams from the ‘wimmin’…especially in the Greens. Now, there’s a thing, not a mention from anyone in the greens about mallard. Wonder why?

Well ,however you frame it he got his facts wrong opened his big mouth and some poor schmuck got the boot as a result, not to mention a totally unjustified smear on his character.

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