The Green Party’s new intake included, scraping in in last place, a Mexican migrant called Ricardo Menendez March. His credentials for selection appear to be,

  1. He’s homosexual, something Green Party types view as a higher art form, and,
  2. His occupation as a cinema projectionist, that is on his own admission, simply pushing the start button, something requiring significantly less intellectual input than holding a Stop-Go sign, and …
  3. Nothing else.

Nevertheless, in his years in New Zealand he has pre-occupied himself as a protestor on behalf of every predictable left-wing cause. In short an utterly unaccomplished loser, now living at the taxpayer’s expense in the unbelievable role of a legislator.

None of that is especially unusual since MMP which has seen every election include in the new intake, world class no-hopers, plucked from obscurity, largely remain obscure, then return to anonymity after a single term.

Last week, suitably clad in a pink shirt and jacket, Menendez March in a girlish voice, made his aptly named in his case, maiden speech.

These are a conventionally tortuous experience for old parliamentary hands to endure, and one’s sympathy goes out to the Speaker who is unable to dodge them.

So how do I know about this? Because I have been inundated with indignant folk who have sent me copies of Menendez March’s speech, given he referred to me, which I will come to.

He opened for no explained reason, babbling at high speed in Maori, something few people let alone MP’s would understand.

Then came the standard embarrassing autobiographical guff of “my journey”, acknowledgement of his family, Mexican village, “those who walk with me in times of adversity and joy” (I am not making that up).

This was followed by the outrageous claim that “decision-makers have created rules that criminalise our survival and existence”, ‘our’ he explained referring to ‘the queer community’.

Next came an attack on Work and Income for not dishing out sufficient largesse to the likes of him, followed by launching into “the wealthy for destroying the planet, aided and abetted by Parliament”.

Inexplicably, he then reverted into a lengthytirade in Spanish.

Finally, he got on to arriving here in 2006, here predictably being Aotearoa.

He protested at the simplicity of his film projection job involving pushing a start button and (again, I’m not making this up) being criticised by politicians for calling it a low-skilled job, despite just acknowledging that reality.

Then he moved on to fresh fields which is why people drew my attention to this abomination of a self-centred world class wanker’s maiden speech, saying,

             “I clearly remember seeing clips of Winston Peters and Bob Jones scapegoating immigrants for the housing crisis, for unemployment and for inequality in general. We were also blamed for bringing low-skilled, low wage labour that didn’t contribute to the economy- or so they claimed.”

So here’s a message to this little turd. First, you clearly remember no such thing. The only time I’ve had a TV exchange on immigration with Winston was brief.

Winston: “Walking down Queen Street is like being in Hong Kong”. Me: “Yes. Isn’t it wonderful. All those beautiful Asian girls”

Some facts for Menendez March to ponder:

  1. I doubt anyone in this nation has been more outspoken over the last 25 years, lauding immigration and especially from Asia.
  2. I don’t doubt but know that no-one has done more to help migrants than me.

I don’t publicise the fact but such is its scale it’s been impossible to hide it.

But unasked I’ve spent millions and continue to do so, helping migrants and especially refugees. I’ve put perhaps a thousand refugee girls through our universities, paid their fees, accommodation costs, provided vouchers for two dresses annually and so on. And it certainly doesn’t stop there but that’s enough to get the picture.

The upshot was that (unasked by me), David Farrah saw red, reported the little turd’s comments and ran a lengthy piece on Kiwiblog quoting various newspaper columns I’d written lauding our immigrants. He further ran four pictorial items including one pertaining to my refuge girls scheme.

So, waking to how utterly wrong he’s been in maligning me, how did Menendez March respond? An Apology! You must be kidding.

Instead he dug his hole even deeper responding with spectacular illiteracy, “the Bob Jones of the world see us as economic units, so yeah nah”.

It’s unbelievable this garbage is in Parliament with his snout in the taxpayer’s pocket. Now if I’m known for anything it’s my advocacy for the humanities.

For four decades I’ve ridiculed B Coms and Commerce degrees (success in business is basically common sense and energy, something alien to the fluttering Menendez March who from his utterances oozes a sense of entitlement).

I’ve forked out millions for history and philosophy students’ scholarships.

Currently I’m discussing funding a Chair in Epicurean studies with one of our universities which is wildly enthusiastic. The significance of that would be lost on this ghastly little pink clad ponce.

Here’s a prediction. This Menendez March rubbish is destined to cause much distress to his party.

He’s dishonest, ignorant and illiterate. The “yeah nah” is beyond belief. He’s lived a parasitical existence since arriving here 12 years back, contributed nothing and complained and protested about his host country incessantly.

If rubbish like this is the best the Greens can come up with, then they’re in big trouble.


Spot on Sir Bob. I was staggered when I read this in the Stuff. What an idiot? If this is the standard of parliamentarians of the future then we are damned. And why has the media not followed up on this story? How about asking Greens leaderds, Shaw and Genter, about his views. What does St Jacinda think of it… has she been asked? We’ve had a new green MP malign and slander one of NZ’s most prominent business leaders, in an ugly rant. There has been no apology or any comment from Green leaders and the PM. Why?

    Two great reads in two weeks can this become a regular 👍🏻

      Sadly, politics is just a shop window of how society is deteriorating’ and people like this is are only playing upon the emotions of the less educated. Its called populism. This approach screams of entitlement; where life to date has been too easy.

      Perhaps we need some hard times, to bring back work ethic and moral standards. Maybe we also need to:

      1. Break up some of these enormous public companies, who have too much control over politicians.
      2. Limit politicians tenure to 9 years (or thereabouts) in parliament. It was never suppose to be a career.
      3. Introduce financial literacy (money management) and home economics early into school education.
      4. Introduce a turnover tax for all transactions, in place of all other taxes. It would get rid of the bureaucracy and tax dodgers.

      Points 2 & 3 could be sorted with a binding referendum in a short time; and surely would be a big vote winner. I can just see the establishment sponsored propaganda machine rolling out the counter arguments as I write.

      We may have to wait a while longer to see Points 1 & 4 happen. The establishment are not going to go down without a fight. Thankfully, forward thinking entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are cooking up an escape plan; maybe?

      Bob, here’s your last opportunity to make a real difference next election. You did it once, and you can do it again. Though we don’t need another financially illiterate Prime Minister.

    Because, Cindy and the Greens, lack Integrity, sophistication and any sense of Honour.

Brilliant Sir Bob. A very eloquent and factual rendition of the calamitous state of our Parliament and pathetic Greens presence .

Hahaha Don’t sugar coat it Sir Bob-tell us what you really think? Maybe we shoul;d rename the blog “No Panchos pulled?”
What a filthy wee toe-rag. How did he even get let in to the country then? I ask because the process for members of my extended family is torturous even with superb qualifications?

    I believe, being the son of a successful Psychiatrist, he arrived here on a study visa. He makes no mention of his wealthy upbringing which is probably why he has had to come all the way to NZ to pretend to be a poor immigrant. https://www.consultaconeldrmenendez.com/ You’d think that if Menendez the young was that concerned about politics and poor people, he could have found much to do in Mexico.

      Well said-yes exactly, but that would mean actually LIVING a poor life-fat chance with this bludger. The study visa thing is a complete rort. I wonder why he had to scarper to NZ? Black sheep?

      Perhaps the family is subsidising his stay in NZ, just to stop him anoying them.

      My great great grandfather was a remittance man. Given a living in NZ on condition of never returning to England.

      It never ceases the people who immigrate here from their own little dung heaps and then devote themselves to stuffing our country up. Why not return home at fix there up? Very small fish, big pond stuff?
      I’m for banning any immigrant being allowed into politics, citizen or not.

      Agreed, why do immigrants come to a foreign country to make change when they could be doing it in their own backyard? I’ve never been able to figure that out

      And if the Democrats keep their word, the US-Mexican border will soon be open, so Menendez will be free to cross the border to enlighten all of America with his wisdom and also grab all the free health care as promised by the Dems.

You are right in everything you say and your description of Young Ricardo is bang on. But responding to and even acknowledging this poor excuse of a human being is only giving the little weasel heart palpitations and probably in his own and other Wokey dokey, light weight academic types the tiniest bit of fuel to add to there sputtering little egotistical protesting fire.
I’ve just finished reading Tom Scott’s “ In Search of Charlie” A book perhaps young Ricardo should read to get a bit of character and spine back in his life, if he wants to be a leader of people

    That won’t happen…he has Victimhood and Entitlement Disease. It is incurable. He is also, clearly, without a spine and is lacking any moral fibre.

My sympathies Bob for having been smeared by this Neanderthal.
I cannot believe that he was admitted into the country in the first place.
Like you, I actively encourage any and all immigrants who have a work ethic.

    Isn’t that a bit hard on the Thals? They were a hard working bunch, until we wiped them out. I’m all for immigration so long as the country doesn’t become grossly crowded a-la Manhattan etc

The Green Party used to have a value which stated “Engage respectfully, without personal attacks”. People like Menendez-March, Ghahraman and Genter use personal attacks all the time to get attention; it’s their stock-in-trade. When challenged, they play the victim card, and claim that some white supremacist or right wing boomer is attacking THEM.

The late Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons must be turning in their graves. Whilst I may have disagreed with their politics, at least they argued their corner in a principled manner, without the nastiness, innuendo and outright lies the new crop of “Green” MP’s seem to thrive on.

    Rod Donald et al , would not be turning in their graves but rather, spinning.

      Yes, look at what their party has descended to. A bunch of activists, most of whom poke the borax at New Zealanders, from their ivory towers. They are hypocrites and wastrels.

Love you Sir Bob – jolly legend that you are…You have absolutely nailed it. The guy is a twat.

Pure truth by you Bob, is there a burn a little turd day announced.

If ever Ricky had a ‘d’oh’ moment it’s this, not that he’d recognise one through the ocean of smug.

They want it all, the high moral ground, the power and the glory, they want total control and obsequience, but most importantly they want us to pay and pay, “money for nothing…” Hopefully the pendulum of history will swing back before it all goes to hell in a handcart.

    Yes, the socialists believe that everything should be free. And that any scenario other than that, is unjust.

    Trouble is, the free stuff soon runs out, when no one is doing any work.

Yeah, he’s a hateful little worm. Like Golriz.

But Bob, if you want to put your charity to maximum social good, can I suggest you look at the great New Zealand child abuse issue? It’s at the root of just about every single social pathology we have, and knocks 10 to 20 years of countless people’s lives. And, our shallow governments don’t ever want to go there (not like they should)…even though the naked facts on its prevalence and psychological impact are now 100% plain.


    Waste of time Andrew. Owen Glenn has ‘been there, done that’.
    Child abuse happens to unwanted children who will continue to be born so long as govt keeps paying their useless parents to procreate.

      Cheers, but you should watch that video (its excellent!). Extreme child abuse is more prevalent in the underclass…but it’s everywhere. The middleclass has a very long way to go too.

      Personally, I would want to see major public education on the issue, so people can understand and actualise in their minds what the “monster” really is and does. Glen didn’t really go there, though I salute his attempt.

      Yeah, Owen Glen failed with it which was a real shame. But his focus was not right, in my opinion.

      What we need is a documentary of sorts promoting and the issue and *explaining* it so as to make it really come alive to people. Also there needs to be education that young people can log onto, to learn about what seriously hurts kids, so as to encourage and facilitate as much self-control from them as possible for when they become parents.

      You should look at that video – it really is excellent in its own right.

      The underclass has a child abuse issue to the extreme. But the middle class and working class have serious issues as well. This is not a “corner of society” problem. It’s incredibly prevalent to the point where almost not one of us can say we’ve escaped it, especially when you look into common infantile damage as well as common abuse.

      Yes you are right Lindsay,until we address the elephant in the room of having children you can’t afford to clothe feed and educate without a govt handout nothing will change.I continue to be amazed that this is not deemed a cultural necessity and tenet in certain quarters that seem to be disproportionally represented in our national statistics.I drew a wonderful response from the offenderati by venturing this option at a recent social function ,will leave the responses to your imagination and bathe in the glory of being the local version of Attila the Hun

    Doesn’t need SB to fix this. Simple IQ test before you can procreate would fix all the problems.
    Short of tying a knot in it the ssue won’t go away. It’s the only thing I ever agreed with crazy Helen on. Make childcare mandatory as this gives the little cherubs at least a fighting chance being away from the alcohol, drugs, violence, losers, incessed, adultery, brain washing, incompetent whanau etc etc for at least 9 hrs a day.

    Oh yes family violence and child abuse isn’t confined to one particular “class”. You are right to bring it up. Years back used to run a very swanky upmarket bar full of professionals, well educated, well moneyed etc. One night I got a stern talking to from the liquor license sergeant (Steve Shaw in Chch) where our license renewal was discussed. Seems many of these pillars of respectable society were getting boozed up in my posh bar then assaulting their families when they got home. Gave it up after that. Couldn’t look at them any more.

    Jump forward 30 years-now living in Ballarat. Centre of the catholic Church abuse in Australia. It never goes away.

    PS-I strongly suspect that SRJ already does more than his part, but charity should be done and not discussed.

Well done Sir Bob!! “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser “ Socrates quote!

Not to mention all that bollocks about acknowledging Work and Income fraudsters. MetiriaTurei had to fall on her sword for the same to make the Greens re-electable in 2017. Unfortunately enough voters keep buying the Green’s environmentalist disguise.

Problem is Bob, apart from being absolute spot on , NZ is in deep shit, the fact he got into Parliament at all astounds me. Sums up NZ these days I guess.

    They got in with increased numbers a) because the number of lunatic voters in this country is increasing and b) because the alternatives across all spectrums are but that flash themselves.

Was looking forward to an impending article from you regarding this piece of slime SB.

I very rarely watch Parliament TV but made a point of tuning in to RMM’s maiden effort yesterday to see what all the fuss was about. I cannot believe what I heard in that speech. If anyone wants any proof of everything that is unravelling in this country right now then my advice is to watch it and weep.

His appalling BS makes a mockery of all the fabulous immigrants that have come to this country in the past, worked hard, got ahead and contributed to our society – particularly the fine tradesmen that arrived here after WW2.

I’ve followed your escapades and read your books for a lot of my life Sir Bob so my condolences to you for at this stage of your journey that you have to be splattered by fecal matter emanating off this particularly horrible little prick.

He is nothing short of an embarrassment to this (once) fine country, the loopy Greens and our Parliament. But most of all, he is an embarrassment to himself as a male human being.

I just wish I could get those 15 minutes of my life back!

Well said. The contempt I feel for this little parasite is beyond words. If he were an insect, I would quite happily crush his worthless body into the dust where it belongs (apologies to those of an entomological bent). Here is my reply to a recent announcement that he was made a Green Party spokesperson for me and my fellow senior citizens.

Well here we are. This worldly little twirp has been appointed senior citizen spokesperson for the loony left Green Party. He can’t even grow a beard yet and with all due respect to his sociology degree, what would he know about senior citizens?

Most senior citizens, who you chose to insult on day one, despise your party’s policies. Not because we fear that you might strip us of our ill begotten wealth, but rather because they lack substance, rationality, pragmatism and common sense. Traits which younger people also seem to lack. I can understand idealism, but it needs to be tempered with experience and careful consideration.

As much as you hate old fashioned Boomer ideas, it would be prudent to occasionally ask us for some input. We didn’t grow up in the age of instant gratification. We didn’t inherit wealth (there was none after WW2). We never had the luxury of 2.5% mortgages (anyone who borrowed in the early 1980’s can tell you what it’s like to pay 23% interest on a mortgage). It took me 40 years of mental and physical work, which came at the expense of my family life and personal wellbeing, to finally get ahead.

So please don’t ask if I’m OK Boomer and what you can do for me. Most of us want nothing from you because you have nothing to offer us. We got to where we are on the back of our own intelligence, skill and hard labour. We’ll carry on in much the same way.

You just keep on whining about how it’s all so unfair. In 20 years time you might just have the experience and life skills needed to be a spokesperson for senior citizens. Until then keep quiet and learn. And, by the way, shave that fluff off your face. Actually, just get stuffed.

It does indicate a certain dearth of talent in the green lineup and I look forward to the next self descriptive and destructive missives from their stunning lineup ,whose entertainment potential is phenomenal and this ghastly little poof should be off back to Mexico where I’m sure even in his village there will be no truck with those of his intellect and ilk.

Fantastic piece Bob. You are 100% right (as usual).

I thought his entire speech was outrageous, which I’m sure was his complete intent.

To call for mass fraud of the government purse in your maiden speech is a new low – even for the Greens.

Well to paraphrase that vile creature Trump, maybe Mexico didn’t send us their best people with this one . Don’t worry about it Sir Bob even those of us who would rarely agree with anything you write know you are an advocate and supporter of refugees.

Well said. This weasel is not the only one in the Greens pack. Golriz is another shiny example of some useless parasites living on the tax payers coffers.

Right on the button Sir Bob, good on you!

All those who voted for our version of PR (MMP) should be ashamed. That’s what allows this sort of thing to occur. We should never have anyone in parliament who has not been voted in.

Well said Sir Bob. Ricardo obviously thinks taking a swing at someone with wealth is justified even when facts don’t stack up. It greatly bothers me the growing trend of discontent showing towards hard working people, struggling orchard owners and elderly people by entitled people who want it all without the sacrifices. Its division these people seek and is not healthy for our nation

    Well, the thing is, he is building the gulags…he wants our money, but we are a bit inconvenient and will need to be “stashed” somewhere…the guy is a complete flake.

You’ve made my morning Sir Bob. What a lovely bit of fresh air in a usually highly polluted media system.

Here is an idea Bob. Host a do at Parliament for your Scholarship Ladies and invite the Greens along. Then get some of the Ladies to speak on how you have helped them and their families. That will shut the Morons up,

I disagree with you Bob, Ricky is far from being a little turd. Pure entertainment these radicals lacking experience believing they will make a difference. Unfortunately, they are good at some things, like, protesting, complaining, hypocrisy, weaselling their way up the political ranks. Of the first 10 on the green list, 4-5 of them are LGBT, 2-3 are out and out communist, 2-4 are minority. Again, failure of our press media. Failure to report backgrounds of those on party list. Given Greens, Act, lab, Nats, were all expected to gain/lose list MP’s. More publicity and scrutiny should have been given to potentials on the list. Not probable’s high on the list. But possible’s low on the list. MMP, Cindy luv, Nats demise, had inadvertently created the situation where the Greens ended up having far more representation, than they ever dreamed of having. Tenth, lowest on the party list, this turd ended up being an MP. Those who voted Green. Have you realised greens are the party of the Woke, diversity, monirity, colour, LGBT, feminist, communist? All masquerading as environment friendly eco warriors. Greta and the likes. Well 10% of New Zealand, you wanted this, now enjoy the fruits of your vote. Get it, fruits?
The irony of the situation is said turd, now a parliamentarian, has had its protest speech in Parliament. Ricardo; Just settle down to keeping the seat warm for the next three years until you’re flushed and there’s another to fill that space. Sit down, shut up, and vote as instructed. And most of all, remember you’re a turd.
I wonder if any of Ricky’s fellow Green turds are going to follow their tax policy. Income tax brackets of 37% for income over $100,000 and 42% for income over $150,000. Given tax laws won’t allow this to happen, yet. Donating, their excess income to say food bank charities, will suffice?

I couldn’t agree more…Your excoriation of him was really quite gentle but lets hope he’s stupid enough to sue you for your comments..I know who I’d have my money on.

That man-child is an indictment of Green leadership and those who supported it. It’s hard not to see the emasculated twit as the inevitable consequence of excessive feminism and female control.

Absolutely correct.
I recommend everybody emailing the little snot ricardo.march@parliament.govt.nz and giving him an appropriate message. Definitely theraputic.

Not that I matter, but what Sir Bob says about himself and immigration is EXACTLY what my impression was as a life-long Kiwi interested in politics. I don’t think it is me who is mistaken; anyone who makes comments like this exotic Gweenie just displays they know nothing about what they are talking about, and whichever echo chamber they picked up these falsehoods from is just not interested in reality. I didn’t know David Farrar had published a good stiff well-deserved takedown, good on him for once, too much of the time he is just a sell-out.

Good to see you slam dunk the little fascist spitball, Sir Bob. Every time he opens his mealy mouth it further proves that he is a deeply unpleasant, self-aggrandizing, Grade A shitbag. But, on the principle that one should never interrupt an enemy while he is fucking things up, let the commie loser carry on undisturbed.

Ha. Amusing. This post made me think of about a flick I saw many moons ago…

The greatest art of the Twentieth Century was film. Sir Robert doesn’t watch, but I think he is missing a trick.

For consistency, for my money, I’d rate the Coen brother as the best directors. They have many masterpieces, but I particularly enjoyed Barton Fink.

The plot has Fink assigned to write a wrestling film, but suffering from writer’s block. Fink fancies himself as a spokesman for the common man, and shuts himself in a dreadful hotel, to focus on his task. He befriends his common man neighbour, Charlie, but they speak at cross purposes…

To cut to the chase, Charlie turns out to actually be Karl “Madman” Mundt. After a series of murders, Mundt chastises Fink as follows:

“You think I made your life hell? Take a look around this dump. You’re just a tourist with a typewriter, Barton. I live here.”

There is something of Barton about this Ricardo character, except Ricardo doesn’t appear to be particularly intellectual – he seems to be a simple melon. Nor is Sir Robert Jones like Madman Mundt, as cool as that would be.

What does it all mean?

I think CAKE FACE would like to go full Barton and become a tourist with a typewriter…

Life is about to get a lot uglier for the common man…

He’ll say something equally outrageous without the protection of parliamentary privilege one day. Then sue his sorry arse. Although that’s what Trevor Mallard did and stuck us all with the bill, so maybe its not such a great idea…scratch that.

I haven’t wasted my time listening to this obvious malignant wart , I believe l’d find it to depressing. So will take on board the good advise and comments made so far.
My greatest concern for this country and its political system is that we allow immigrants the ability to enter NZ politics in the first place. I do not base my comment on any race, gender or religious faith, but I strongly believe you must be New Zealand born before you can represent this country in any political shape or form. I don’t care about anyones personal beliefs, orientations or origins, but they must be born in Aotearoa before they are eligible to represent this country. I’m afraid I get rather frustrated when I hear a foreign accent bleating out their opinions and criticisms in our parliament from individuals who come from less than perfect countries. You must be born and bred here, bought up as a Kiwi, before you have the right to represent your country, before I will give you any credibility or an opportunity to represent me and make decisions on my behalf. But I fear more than ever that the flood gates are open as we hand out citizenships like Crunchy bars and allow some very undesirable individuals the ability to gain access to our welfare, education (which is declining) and health systems, let alone entry into our parliament.

    You will see above I lament with you and 100% agree. When you go to a country hoping to be “adopted” and manage to achieve that then appreciate that privilege and STFU!
    “When in Rome …..”. And if you want to change a country return to your own and fix that shit hole up.
    Why do we allow it???

Where is the reincarnation of our version of the late wonderful Norm Jones in our House of Representatives .Norm to his eternal credit had no truck with these type of entitled woolly woofers as he called them and would be happily laying about them with enthusiasm and gusto.Bloody pity nobody seems to hold them to account or show an inclination to lead the charge

What better way to gain a “mandate” and have the population pay for the lot.

Loved the comment stream, almost as much as Bob’s blog.

I am no supporter of the Greens. I dislike their far left socialist agenda. At least this idiots colleagues have perhaps a little of one thing – intelligence, even if misguided. He has nothing!!!

bang on Sir Bob!!! we NEED more people to speak out like you do!!

The benefits of immigration are concentrated but the costs dispersed. The rest is great.

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