The latest Guardian Weekly reported a study showing Coca-Cola is the world’s largest plastic polluter. They’re not actually, rather it’s their customers who leave their plastic bottles lying about.

The reason Coca-Cola is top of the pops is simply its popularity.

Count me out. One of the numerous factory jobs I had in my teens was at Coca-Cola’s Petone plant. One was allowed to drink as much as desired. Back then Coke came into the luxury category and I’d never tasted it. So for 3 days I gorged and I’ve never been able to touch the stuff since.

But here’s my point. The Guardian Weekly, now in glossy magazine format, arrives in a plastic wrapper.

I don’t doubt its owners would be delighted if say 4 billion of the world’s population subscribed and further, they could expand it to a daily. Were that to happen and they persisted with the plastic wrapper I imagine they’d surpass Coca-Cola on the plastic sinning front.

Incidentally, if readers are surprised at my readership, I’d point out that it no longer flogs the old ultra-left line of its parent, the daily Guardian newspaper. It’s actually a damn good read with what might be described as a liberal central pitch, perhaps akin to The Listener.

The (legitimate) concern about plastic was a central theme to my recently published novella “Modern Society”, poking fun at the bullshit underlying so called installation art.


Bob, congratulations on your most recent publication Four Comic Novallas.
A fantastic read and hilarious.
I purchased 5 for Christmas presents.
Followers of this site should also consider supporting you and your righteous cause at this time when being attacked by Green Turds and other degenerates.

Agreed-however Coke have enough financial resources to do something about it-which I believe they now are. Recent advertisements say all Coke bottles are now made from recycled plastics. There is no word on whether the bottles are themselves then able to be recycled but one would hope so.

Didn’t Max Schmeling go on to be a major Coke distributor? Knowing SRJ penchant for boxing

Just imagine if Coke bought back their beverage in reusable glass bottles, with refunds received for return bottles. The pocket money worked for me!

Just imagine this (Warren Buffett!).

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