I’m informed that such is the degree of wetness by the Wellington City Councillors, to avoid drowning, henceforth councillors will wear life-jackets when meeting.

The latest insanity is the proposal by two conspicuously wet virtue-signalling Councillors, Rebecca Mathews and Tamatha Paul, for a Rainbow Advisory group to be formed to offer their take on Council decisions.

Precisely why homosexuals, paedophiles, lesbians, gender confused trans, bestiality practitioners et al have a different perspective on drains, water supply and traffic matters than the rest of us was not explained.

This undemocratic nonsense must stop. It’s a democracy and if anyone wants input into decisions then stand for office.


But, at the end of the day we get exactly what we deserve. The voter turnout for council elections reflects a degree of apathy rapidly being reflected in our national elections. So often I hear “It doesn’t matter they are all the same!” This is a symptom of MMP for National elections but not so for local ones. Hopefully that apathy will lead to more and more of this rubbish and the voters will wake from that apathy, some capable people will stand for the roles and positive changes will be made.
I’m not holding my breath however. The country abounds with disfunctional councils like Tauranga and Invercargill and others not in the news YET. Add in an out of control Auckland which Goff continues to bankrupt and mismanage simply because no one of any substance, believability or integrity has stood against him. Look no further than the last idiot to mount a challenge. The Super City has become a Super Disaster/Cock up under his incompetence. They are without a doubt the leading cause of Auckland’s housing shortage (note I didn’t say crisis ).

Haha that will trigger the intersectionalist woke mob, and if you are really fortunate then her royal highness of virtue signaling will admonish you personally from her pearly pulpit.

You have been warned Sir Bob!

Well, we have the Queen of Virtue Signalling as PM.
So, we must suffer and cry for a longer time. You just haven’t earned it yet, Baby…

Madness will have a greater effect on humanity than any flu. Current rates of infection appear rampant.
Initial symptoms manifest as pathetic sulking, a sense of entitlement, a need for personal attention, a noticeable change in accent with extremely exaggerated enfasis on ethnic vowel / consonants, followed by a proud-like raising of the chin and fluttering of the eyelids.
This is usually followed by several repeated verses of ” in terms of’s” , a “how dare you” and further demands for financial compensation as the subject searches for any way to gain a seat in any hall of authority, whilst simultaneously repeating “Me2 Me2”.

Statistics show us the disease effects 100% of caucasian female between ages 10-55. Statistical data for other race/gender being similar, while least effecting the Asian community, (data availability for Asian community reduced due to number engaged in employment). Medical data for caucasian males no longer retrieved, due to data generally being of no consequence as gender re-assignment program
nullifies requirement.

Sack them both or better yet , send them off with a shovel to join the drainage and water main crews to gain some much needed perspective. Call it hands on training . I guarantee their focus will sharpen to practical issues instead of wasting rate payer money and offending the constituency with virtue signalling codswallop

That Rebecca Mathews has made it as far as becoming a Wellington City Councillor is all the proof needed that a show pony personality and low IQ are now absolute prerequisites for such public office.

Ought not there be small reptilian Mexicans in that list also? Sounds like a natural habitat…

I have re-named our capital Workington. Strap line: “Wettest capital in the world!’

    When does the BS end. Birds of a feather stick together and looking at such matters as mental health and homelessness lest we forget the cops when have seeming resulted to be kind tactics where thugs need bullying to remind them who runs this country which certainly isnt them. Two rainbow woman surely will not make a difference to the underlying “Reality” that is NZs globalist attitude and 2° of separation mixed with a dash of coup and a heap of organized crime funded by the huge sales of meth which is to be MDMA in the relative future. NZ needs men who will perform as the Shepherds and Rottweilers did in ancient Rome, protecting this flock and bringing back a sense of reality! Sewerage plant stats will tell you more than gang member affiliates with expensive scooters and interrogation without certain drugs designed by my distant relatives. I see this world falling apart. I also see NZ being sold out from under our feet. Let’s never slander SIR John Key again.


    Rhys David Adams

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