Thousands of books have already been written about Trump, the vast majority justifiably expressing abhorrence. There will be thousands to come, trying to explain how in the greatest economy and democracy in history, this disaster could have happened. I think it’s explicable.

You see we’ve been there before in one of the most sophisticated societies in history, albeit economically under the pump at the time. I refer to Hitler’s Germany. The parallels, even if unwittingly, between Trump’s modus operandi and Hitler’s are plain to see.

Both made huge plays on fictitious enemies of society within and without the system. Apart from its dishonestly this approach caused division, hatred, and rage in society, but as Hitler and Trump have proved, can pay off electorally with the down-trodden elements, always susceptible to messiahs.

Hitler raved away at vast public rallies, largely attended by the economic underclasses suffering from mass unemployment and a rampant inflation, telling them it was all the fault of Jews.

Trump similarly ranted to vast public meetings, also largely attended by the economic underclasses, telling them inter alia that the root of their problems were the Chinese and the huge numbers of illegal immigrants from Central America’s mismanaged economies taking their jobs. This latter desperate folk were not in the American tradition, namely refugees in search of a better life, instead to Trump, they were all rapists and murderers for God’s sake.

Hitler and Trump won power democratically, albeit due to their respective systems, without electoral majorities. Ultimately Hitler moved to kill off democracy, so too Trump although thanks God, unlike Hitler he failed.

In both cases competitive traditional electioneering debating of policies were abandoned, rather both promoted hatred through infantile abuse of their opponents.

The sheer shock of Trump’s constant referral to his opponent as “Crooked Hilary”, she a former First Lady and Secretary of State, induced a numbed helplessness and to their lasting shame, a turning of the other cheek by Republicans.

Not content with that, the oaf’s relentless whipping up mass chanting by his visibly lower social level audiences of “Lock her up” was despicable.

There are many other Trump parallels with Hitler but you get the picture.

Trump’s term in office degraded the world’s most important public office. His ignorance is spellbinding, such as thinking Finland was part of Russia, his relentless lying in his public utterances beyond belief (nearly 30,000 recorded by the now right of centre Washington Post) and many similar revelations, such as his affinity with dictators.

We’ve recently been through an election in New Zealand. As always it was competitively fought but also conducted with dignity by its participants towards one another and with debate confined to policies.

Now we’re at what was always inevitable, namely the wreckage of Trumpianism, he again paralleling Hitler, being now in a bunker phase. His political denouement will be played out on Thursday morning New Zealand time as we watch on CNN and other channels, the uproar across America as the last of his fanatical followers mark what normally is a day of celebration inaugurating a new President, with rioting and, I’ll put money on it, loss of lives in shooting incidents.

I believe Trump is facing huge financial problems; more important he’s certainly facing criminal prosecutions on a number of fronts.

He’s totally without any redeeming features and his legacy will be properly acknowledged only when, as must happen, he finds his inevitable destiny behind bars. 


The sensible thing for the President Elect come the morning after or at least a month afterwards is to grant Trump a full pardon otherwise everything he does will run second fiddle. And its the right thing to do in light of moving the US down the gurler. Am I a fan of Trump – he’s a game changer and for the US to continue to champion freedom, we need him. Eat my dust, ya all say.

I can understand a person forming that kind of a view of President Trump given the relentless and one sided MSM reporting of him since day one. If anyone is interested in reading about the man’s achievements here is a link to them. Be warned it is a very, very long list and will challenge everything you think you know about the man https://thebfd.co.nz/2021/01/18/trump-administration-accomplishments/ I have been writing about politics for a number of years now and I feel that his success is due to the fact that he is not a politician. He didn’t take the job to become rich like the Clintons for example but because he genuinely wanted to make America great again. The ordinary people love him and it is the elites that sneer at him. I wish he was my president. He deserves to go down in history as one of the greats. As an ex-history teacher I have to say that comparing him to Hitler is grotesque. The man has more in common with Winston Churchill. The common man loves him and I can see why.


    However – no question that DT was an oaf and a boor. But – is the incoming “leader” any better ?

    Trump may well have achieved a bit and I agreed with some of what he said.But you can not escape the fact that he is a pig of an individual and hugely divisive. He behaves like a 10 year old playground bully. Plus he basically mismanaged COVID.
    Luckily unlike Muldoon he wasn’t a pisshead otherwise all he’ll would have broken lose.

Too much what Trump is rather than what he did (not said). Which pretty much reflects most of his media coverage for the last four years.

History judges leaders by what they did and Trump will be no different.

Parallels with Hitler are unfair. Hitler was an excellent public speaker with a good memory, and a decorated soldier. However Hitler was a monster and Trump is just thick and oafish.
I am no fan of DT but equally i agree with the other commentator here that it’s not possible to get any kind of balanced view via main stream media. Trump scorns and mocks msm and they hate him not because he’s wrong about them, but because he is right and they are probably smart enough to know it.
Im glad DT is gone. And, fingers crossed, never to return…

Agree about Trump, he is a complete fool. However, the Democrats are not that much better. Pelosi is a ‘champagne socialist’ and Biden is not the full quid. Incredible for a Country as great as America. However, it’s the end of the beginning for them.

frederickwilliscroft January 18, 2021 at 11:54 pm

Good summation Sir Robert.
Before the election David Farrar, Kiwiblog had a post outlining the 10 worst things about Trump. He came to the conclusion he was a pathological liar, had a narcissist personality disorder, is a bully, vindictive, cruel and a danger to the law.
Events since the election have only doubled down on this. Attempting to bully Republican officials into overturning states who voted for Biden, advancing tinpot conspiracy theories and inciting some of his most deranged supporters to storm the Capitol building. His half arsed tweets asking for calm when you could see he loved seeing the carnage perpetrated in his name is typical of his hypocrisy.
But his final legacy will be Covid. From the start his sole concern seemed to be whether it might affect his electoral chances. He has barely made any effort to try and enact a plan to reduce deaths and stop the spread of the virus. His consience should be very troubled by the 400,000 deaths. Somehow I don’t think it bothers him one jot.

    I hope both SB and you take the time to read the article attached to “Spanish Brides” post above. It would be interesting to compare Cindies achievements. Locking down an Island and tripling its National debt is something to be proud of????
    You blame Trump for the US covid death rate and yet each State has it’s own control and the death rate is higher in Democrat based States. Americans themselves also need personal responsibility. Or do you prefer the communist methods favored by your idol Cindy?

Bob, you’ve been misinformed by the media vilification programme against President Trump.
The clip showing him talking about criminals, rapists and murderers illegally coming across the border (always an obvious risk in any case) was deliberately cut. He was talking about criminal gangs and the hideous MS13 gang specifically. It was falsely portrayed as a comment against Mexican generally.
I can understand; the dishonest, malicious vilification campaign against Trump has been extraordinary, far beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

America’s booby-prize, Joe Biden.

Trump is a master at branding, be it his Hotels or coming up with creative catchy names for his political opponents. Dishonest Donald would have been a great name but nobody in the political arena had the nous to use it.

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