Recently Australian Opposition leader Anthony Albanese was reportedly shaken but otherwise OK after a motor accident, a classic case surely of shaken but not stirred.

That term, as we know, was uttered by the first James Bond, Scotland’s Sean Connery, who died aged 90 recently.

Reading his obituary in the Economist I was startled, as doubtless readers will be, to learn that when he played Bond, he was bald and his famous good looks relied on a bloody wig.

This information left me stirred but not shaken.

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Each way Albo has also been Stirred and Shaken by reports he might be Rolled by his deputy Tania. Labor Australia’s owners, the unions, in fact the CFMMEU want him replaced with Tania Darls. That would give Albo the trifecta, shaken, stirred and rolled.

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