I’ve broken into shaking fits recently but have happily now located the problem. It transpires I’ve been going through withdrawal symptoms as it’s nigh on six weeks since the Herald last gave the greatest piece of journalistic fiction in this country’s history a run, namely “The Tragic Life and Death of Sonny Fai”. They first created this non-story 12 years back and have used it regularly as a filler ever since.

Do they not care about their readers’ mental health? Come on Herald editors, we desperately need to read it again.

Mind you, for sheer sub-editor incompetence they almost eclipsed the Sonny Fai absurdity yesterday.

In an enormously eventful month with Covid, the Washington disgrace and Trump, yesterday’s front page was devoted totally to advising that an Auckland restaurant owner was looking for a chef and was prepared to contribute to his airfare costs. It’s unbelievable.


Aucklanders have to eat so probably a relevant article!

Distract the masses if possible – the first rule of tyrants Bob

I’ve finally cut the cord after 30 years of subscription. I became so frustrated I flicked through numerous pages of ‘fill’ to ultimately find solace in the “Entertainment” section’s crossword and Sudoku puzzles.

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