Last week I pointed out how New Zealand women had become smitten with New Zealand Initiative boss Oliver Hartwich and for the eight years he’s been here, have, according to Internal Affairs, been naming their babies after him.

I don’t promote this site, nevertheless this item gained traction resulting in hordes of lust-filled young women causing chaos outside Bayleys tower block housing the New Zealand Initiative (one of my company’s buildings) baying for Oliver to emerge (see photos).  

Some of our Wellington office girls investigated and grilled some of the bayers- Lo and behold it transpires it’s not Oliver’s work with the New Zealand Initiative which appeals to our breeding women, but instead his good looks.

This suggests the reason that for eight years now our women have been naming their babies after Oliver, is because he’s fathered them all. That certainly sounds reasonable.

Photos show the scene outside the New Zealand Initiative’s premises this morning with hundreds of young women and one presumably optimistic homosexual, all baying for Oliver to emerge.


Lucky guy. I hope he could afford to keep it real.

presumably some of the women in the lower photo think that oliver’s magic is going to be administered orally?

A strange fusion of Charles Dickens meets Pornhub: “Please sir, can I have some more?”

I would turn gay for Trump – but not Oliver.

    Hahaha. Good one.
    Having turned gay I’m not sure some of his more red neck supporters would embrace you however. If you haven’t ever seen it check out Clarkson and the crew touring through the deep south with decorated cars. Scarey stuff.

I just want to point out that Oliver Hartwich has a very rare quality. He shows an authentic desire to make things better for anyone, for the sake of it. He’s not interested in being cool, a hero, or grandstanding above others with his “intellectual superiority”. His enthusiasm innocent – you can just tell. Again that’s incredibly rare nowadays. In fact I wouldn’t attribute that quality to single person standing in parliament today.

Andrew Rouppe van der Voort January 21, 2021 at 2:18 pm

Lone guy, completely different demographic, with backpack, in a horde of women…

That sends out warning bells for me…

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