Contrary to everyone’s worst fears the Inauguration went off without any incident across America.

The highlight was Kamala at long last, out of the ghastly pants suits.

She’s a good-looking woman and should make the most of it.

Trump thank God, is gone. The world is now a better place. He will remain in the news however, for all the wrong reasons, facing numerous financial crises plus criminal prosecutions.

I shall look forward immensely to these.


It will be interesting to see how vigorously the “woke” left hounds Ex-President Trump now that he is out of office. I doubt the articles of impeachment will be voted on by the Senate any time soon as it would steal attention from Joe and his “woke” agenda. If they do vote on them, they will probably not get the two thirds majority needed to pass. I also don’t think the Senate will hold a seperate vote to prevent Trump from holding office again. In terms of future legal action, it may all be posturing and if there are no political points to be scored by Democrat aligned prosecutors, Trump may get off as lightly as Hunter Biden and Hillary have so far.

Sounds as though Trump was more generous to Biden in leaving than his haters are towards him.

Trump may be gone but the reason he was elected hasn’t, it’s getting bigger.
We had Joe Biden come out last week and announce that minority owned businesses would be priortised in government assistance. This is the man that is supposed to be unifying America? Is he completely clueless or deliberately provoking resentment.

25,000 military, no public allowed and no incident. A miracle.
Biden calls for unity, but the Democrat party recent conduct and past tells a different story. Biden and his cronies have committed wholesale duplicity. On this day 4 years ago they started hammering Trump and even losing a collusion accusation and impeachment, the Democrats continued to divide the nation. They picked every fight, and stopped at nothing to deface the country through Trump.
I did not agree with all Trump did, but the Democrats are a disgrace.
Biden is a puppet and has no principals or choice. Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. How will that go 🙂
Higher taxes, more immigration, and Biden declaring the US as one of world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters – just for starters.

US is not heading for greatness under the Democrats.

You should never feel the need to wish the worst on the morally corrupt. They are always miserable people by default. Every day is a prison sentence for them. There’s no such thing as a happy asshole.

There were 15,000 plus army in Washington. Bigger than an invasion force into Baghdad or Afghanistan.
To be used against the citizens of the country. Not a foreign or hostile alien force.
That speaks volumes about the issues in the USA which cannot be talked about openly. And which the mainstream media actively suppress.
There is also a purge going on now of anyone who was a Trump supporter to lose their jobs, their academic positions, administrative positions.
What you would call your ” Good ole Cultural Revolution”
To come, Struggle sessions, re-education camps or just straight-out purges!! ( dissolving in spasms of prurient orgasms)….

How many of those prosecutions will stick. SB – do you care to offer odds?

I’d be surprised to see any significant criminal prosecutions for ‘inciting violence’… the obvious defence being to quote Trump’s words in full and in contect, rather than cherry picked. The last thing the new administration wants is to have the spin exposed as such.

They’ll announce that, despite Trump being guilty and the worst thing since Atilla the Hun, they;v decided for the sake of harmony to let him off. ‘Coz they are kind..

    Does impeachment proceedings qualify as a significant criminal prosecution. The luny feral left are the same everywhere in the world. It’s a trait they inherit from every despots, dictator, Marxist, “Supreme leader” etc etc that they have learnt from. It’s called the “I’ll getcha complex.” Anyone who disagrees with, exposes them or stands against them doesn’t fare well. They make sure of that as is happening throughout the world as we sit here and just starting for Trump in the US. You do however have to admire Biden and his backup team of witches for undoing so much in 2 weeks. The woke train is up and running. Cindy comparitively did nothing but form committee’s for over 3 years. A stark contrast.

Yip the Don was always going to wreck havoc; great big spoilt brat of a narcissistic idiot he is, but fair warning as to the power of the “left estate’s” propaganda.

I’d rather focus on the raft of issues we have in this country being exacerbated daily by Cindy and her losers before I’d wish ill on DT!
Great to see Maori have won the battle to control Oraki Tamariki right?? Now they can hide the real issues must more effectively whilst stealing lots more funds from the public purse.

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