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This showed the problem being caused by the New Zealand Initiative boss Oliver Hartwich’s extraordinary sex appeal, drawing thousands of girls outside the think tank’s premises, baying for Oliver.

As my company owns the building, following other lessees’ complaints, we had security guards get rid of the lust-filled mob.

Oliver tolerated this supply cut-off for a fortnight but last night, bowled into our office to complain.

The mere sight of him immediately drove our girls (and Sam) into a crazed frenzy and two of them, as the photo shows, hurled themselves at him.


…mmmm aspiration ; what a guy….i want what he’s got.

It’s his mind we gals love!

Well done Bob, keep up the good work on your employee selection process!

See it is worth wearing a tie after all.

Obviously hating it all…

and Oliver is wearing a wedding ring, does not even have to take it off. Well done Sir.

    Every left wing news paper in this country is looking for an investigative reporter to expose the nasty tricks Labour are up to which are not obvious at the moment. Hahaha.
    But you Sir have the job. Well spotted.

    That ring is on his right hand.

    Perhaps becasue it is a ring on the non-married ring finer it signals that he is available, and ready, willing and able.

Looks like the Germans won the war after all.

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