I wasn’t surprised to read of Tamati Coffey putting show-pony Rawiri Waititi in his place over neckties in Parliament.

I’ve only met him once, some years ago when he was a broadcaster and the abiding memory he left me was his civility.

Waititi is as said, a show pony with abysmal sartorial taste.  A pale blue suit doesn’t suit obesity and a cowboy hat, not just indoors but anywhere, screams of infantile attention seeking.

As Coffey succinctly said to the blowhard, “the job is not about you.”


Is the Hat also a symbol–oh that’s right -of colonialism?

    MPs have forgotten that trust and respect has to be earned, rather than a right.

    Maybe Waititi should practice what preaches, and wear a head band with a feather; to continue the side show of politics which is based on populism. Perhaps explains how democracy is being ruined.

I was surprised no one commented after he said, “he refuses to wear the colonial noose ” , that his co leader/other MP, in the same picture was actually wearing one ? Perhaps Sir Bob could hire a parliamentary reporter (accredited to your Blog 2 to be legitimate) to actually ask some hard questions down there? No one else seems too over 50% of the time it seems.

Surely a cowboy hat is a symbol of oppression of native Americans

Sir Bob you get it right most of the time but unfortunately your comments about a stetson denonstrates your ignorance on the subject of the wearers.

Show – pony Rawiri Waititi is not your typical stetson wearer.

As for his wearing inside, I would agree with your opinion that it is nothing more than ” infantile attention seeking.

The day Tamiti stands up and says it’s time for Maori to stop blaming the fact the honkies arrived with all their modern weapons and trinkets aka muskets and warm blankets, and accept the 21st century and responsibility for themselves then I will join you in applause.

Waititi is worse than a show pony. He is a racist who lives FOR the past not in the present. The irony is the defacing he inflicted on himself is just as symbolic as the tie he refuses to adorn.
Go figure.

But surely the point to all this is that Mallard folded and let him get away with it after all? Looks to me that Cindy got close and personal to Mallard and said something like …’ Trev, right now we’re giving Maori everything they want, you’ll have to suck this up for the team pal”

    And you didn’t think that was always going to happen. This was orchestrated like symphony orchestra.
    We are being manipulated like puppets. But if the shoe fits right?

What I find curious about this whole kerfuffle is that there doesn’t appear to be any restriction on the wearing hats in the house. The height of rudeness surely.

Now its “cowboy hats.'” Is nothing sacred?

I never shake hands with strangers and always doff my hat to a lady.

The cowboy seems more than happy to wear glasses. There weren’t too many opticians before the evil colonialists arrived.

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