The above is a NZ Herald heading re an 18 year old Maori girl killing her partner.

Perhaps the Herald could enlighten us on what they consider an appropriate age to murder one’s partner.


Welcome to Wokistan.
It’s getting worse by the day, I see the so called news media have had another big government handout to keep up the good work. Telling us what to think IOW.
Stuff: “The Government is putting another $55 million into public interest journalism in the next three years to ensure communities are kept informed on issues that affect them.
The Minister for Broadcasting and Media Kris Faafoi, launched the fund on Friday to support democracy and ensure New Zealanders had access to trusted information”

Note the key words: public interest, trusted and informed; Goebbels would be proud

    I don’t know about you but I had to vomit. State funding of our news equals abject failure and danger signs. How can they possibly be even handed with the news knowing not to bite the hand that feeds them.
    To see just how dangerous the left and their puppet media are watch this
    https://youtu.be/BzmDM46dqWI ,the joke that was the Trump farce trial. Reduced to manufacturing evidence. They are the true criminals.

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh TEIN, helps to brighten the darkness .
We’ve got CNN (AKA TVNZ, Cindy News Network) The MOT (AKA Stuff, The Ministry of Truth) and Pravda, the Herald.
I think we have to now assume, like the folk in the Soviet Russia did, that everything we read is fabrication, distortion or manipulation.

    David yes, It’s is laughable.
    The formula is – Produce and print such tripe, rubbish and abject lies that you alienate your reader base to the extent they stop subscribing.
    Then the groups you have written all that crap about then fund you with the public purse. Successful business strategy from a women who purchased a business for 50 cents. Cindy must really love her messages.
    Let’s start a list of countries where the State funds (owns) the media.
    CCP, North Korea, Myanmar, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos., New Zealand. This is not a good list to be on. I doubt the media in Socialist countries like Portugal, Sri Lanka, India , Guinea or Tanzania are state funded.
    We are heading down a very slippery slope and this again reflects what a small player we are in the world.

Pretty standard click bait from the joke the herald is becoming and given the quality of many of their staffs endeavours it is unsurprising its demise and then need for Govt handouts is all self inflicted.
These buggers live on the state tit via handouts and then have gall to as for payment of so called premium content seemingly without a modicum of accountability or conscience

Cindy’s latest lock down has achieved her key objective, more glowing coverage by world Media, such as Fox News for one. Her propaganda machine ensures her name is recognised the world over. Whatever she is being groomed for at the UN or some other Marxist outfit, her celebrity will be already well entrenched.

It always amuses me when anyone says that the media has a left wing or right wing bias. The media in NZ seems to piss off all sides of the political spectrum equally. Maybe they have it about right then.

As for declining standards, something SBJ has commented on frequently, to my mind it is a consequence in the decline in advertising revenue leading to less resources being available to maintain standards. Sadly it has become a self fulfilling prophecy.

    ..A? ….give us at least 5 examples of right wing bias in the news media please.

    Paul, I agree re revenue drop matching a drop in standards. For me this is a media failure. If the rag was 50 cents a copy the readership would increase greatly giving the business something to “sell” to advertisers thus increasing this source of revenue further subsidizing the cost.

    If you believe the press is well balanced in this country I truly despair. National currently appear silent but that’s easy if the press won’t give you a voice. How does the opposition get it message out? I would ask you to tell me how the press has pissed off Labour and what they have exposed and expanded on? Eg. How could there not be a massive debate hosted by the press about Cindy dictating to NZers that their opinion on Maori representation on councils should not be decided democratically? Pure communism surely but ignored, papered over.
    I’m confused…

    “media in NZ seems to piss off all sides”
    Well yes but some squawk louder than others so it’s hard to get a true impression from the reaction alone.
    It’s not too difficult to do an objective analysis, you can do it yourself.
    Fortunately we also have independent, specifically New Zealand research available from mediabias. They explain their methodology and the lengths they go to to produce a fair and objective analysis. You can click on the research period at the top of the page and see results for our major news media and blogs.

    My analysis is based on the many people that I talk with about such issues. Being a Greenie, as you would expect, many of them lean left and they have plenty to say about media bias although I have to profess it was much louder when the country was going through it’s love affair with John Key (In much the same way that is now happening with Jacinda Adern).

    So I would say that it’s the lack of objective and/or long form journalism that everyone seems to be missing. That’s understanding given the death spiral in advertising revenue facing media organisations.

    The problem is people want entertainment that they think is news – not news. Commercial law delivers.

To save getting lost here is the address for those interested:

    Nice thanks David.
    So 13 out of 15 swing left. A scarey figure in itself compounded by the amount of swing.
    Ohhh dear. How are wee cherubs who appear to be shown zero analytical skills going to make a balanced decision?
    I heard the scarey figure that 55% of Australians under 25 don’t value Democracy. Any wonder why?

    Hi David. Given the period over which the analysis is done I’m not surprised at the results. I’d suggest the opposite outcome would have been true when John Key was at the height of his popularity. I suspect this would be true because the analysis focuses on political political parties and does not include other reporting such as reporting on the agriculture sector.

Media bias?
Below is a copy of text forwarded to The Herald’s local Hawkes Bat Today, but not accepted for publication in the Text to the Editor column.
“Apartheid is now well entrenched in NZ. To claim otherwise would be disingenuous. BLW”.

18 is the new 13, perhaps, in our time?

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