The Australian Financial Review reported last week that Australia’s largest corporate donor, way ahead of banks and well-known corporates, is a toilet paper manufacturer. That company’s name ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-wait for it –


That is so uniquely Australia which Aussies would take in their stride, a delightfully endearing characteristic.

Imagine it here. First would come the tiresome cries of racism and a breach of the Treaty. Newspapers would be flooded with indignant letters saying they will not buy the company’s products, and so on.

The Aussies have always promoted their Ocker imagery and Aussie larikan sentiment.

It’s infantile but on the plus side, reflects their ability not to take life too serious.


We get this product here at my workplace. They carry on with the childish but funny statements on the rest of the packaging too. I agree-here its seen as a bit of a silly giggle and then ignored but I suspect in NZ there would be armies of people droning about “being offended”.

SB. Larakins they are. Having spent a large part of my working life in Aussie I think my best friends are there. I rarely look back but have regretted returning to NZ which has not helped my view of NZ as beautiful as this country is. I do giggle regularly at how self important our politicians are with 100s of them running nothing short of a State of Australia both in size and budget wise.
Daily we become nothing short of a nation pandering to minority whims, dreams and wishes while our hospitals, schools, infrastructure and councils fall apart around us and the majority are totally ignored.
Having said that Australia has made many mistakes over the past 20 years and is not the paradise it was as the cost of living has sky rocketed (nothing to pay $10 a kg for bananas due to protectionism) and policing is almost authoritarianism. Fines for example are being used to fund the State and handed out with gusto. I do love them returning the kiwi losers to dumb to gain citizenship back here though. Perfect.

    Bananas currently $2.99 a kg, lady finger bananas, the sweeter smaller ones are $5.99 a kg at our local supermarket. We have no regrets leaving NZ

We all give a crap. All of us. Unless medically unable of course.
In the 1960’s my Grandpa used to get me to cut up his newspapers, he used to make the hole in a corner in a bunch of the squares so to hang them on a nail. Scrunching the paper was his secret. He lasted into his 90’s.

Dead right Bob . The Dompost and stuff would ban the name

But would it pass the kindness (read compliant) test?

I tried it and found it to be quite good, on the whole.

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