Today, New Zealand time, wrecked and ruined Lebanon and Zimbabwe begin injecting their people with anti-coronavirus vaccines.

Hang on a minute. How’s that possible given our Health Minister said not once, but twice back in October, that we’re at the head of the queue?

So far approaching 200 million vaccine doses have been injected world-wide. We’ve administered none.


Dead right Sir Bob.
Amidst fanfare appropriate for a Royal tour a mere 60,000 doses arrived which will ensure vaccinations for 30,000 people or 0.6% of our population.
We will be the 79th country to commence vaccinations – if we start today !
We have been continually lied to on an industrial scale by Ardern, Hipkins and Bloomfield over a long period.
If we had been “ at the front of the queue “ , which was repeated ad nauseum, and vaccinated front line workers when Israel, Bhutan, Singapore etc had then we would not now be in lockdown.
The financial cost to this continual lying in respect to our health and economy is simply beyond comprehension.
But lying socialists could not care less as long as their snouts remain in the huge public trough.

More than likely the ‘one world government’ crowd are endeavouring to dictate who gets what and when but Zimbabwe who can’t feed itself due to tribal communistic rule, what’s going on here. And within all of this I’ve been wondering who our MP actually works for. You’d think it would be the electorate but given her past presidency of international socialist youth, one is forgiven for thinking its the body attached to the UN.

    Robert W… I’m picking the Zimbabweans have taken up the Chinese vaccine. Seeing China has such a big foot in the door, sucking their resources, there is bound to be a deal.

    We’ve seen for a long time our politicians responding to the UN with an attitude of “They must be right and are the greater authorities”.

well said

I don’t think Socialism has much to do with it. People from all sides of politics are quite capable of stupidity or incompetence. Its not hard to see how such a monumental blunder could have happened-were I the PM getting the vaccination is something I would have personally overseen & I suspect this is where someone a bit older and wiser than JA would have made a difference. JA didn’t chase it down and she should have.
I find it hard to imagine that Rob Muldoon or David Lange would have left it to some nameless bureaucrat to organise. Lets hope her mistake doesn’t kill too many people.

Yes the Health Minister made a mistake with making those announcements but given New Zealand is widely regarded as the best country in the world for handling Covid, I’m sure we can cut the Government some slack. Thank goodness Jacinda was at the helm when Covid hit the world. Another leader may have chosen business over health.

    Geography, population, timing…You or I could have done it. And how can we ever separate health from the economy? Poor country, poor health outcomes.

    She did nothing that Judith Collins or Bill english would have done if either had been ‘annointed’ by peters 4 years ago. She is a show pony of the highest order. The performance she put on after the ChCh shootings was deserving of an ‘Oscar’. Once again, the unbalanced left media have propped her up…just watch whenever any mention of her is made, the photo’s they use always show her great big choppers, lovely smile dearie, all of the mums think you’re wunnerfull!

      Exactly, the Left would have made the same accusations of Boris Johnson, mad right-winger, yadda, yadda, yadda, and he’s presided over some of the world’s most tyrannical restrictions. Far less successful than NZ’s not because Jacinda is super superior to him, but because of real-world advantages and disadvantages including climate, crowding, location in the far more populous northern hemisphere meaning maximum exposure to infected arrivals from nearby countries at the same time as having your own flu season, etc.

    In what way thank goodness? Did you notice the part about NO VACCINES ??

    “widely regarded as the best in the world?!!!” Now that’s funny. Business over health is a false choice. How about choosing both?

      Peter…Business is not being ignored. If you havent noticed governments have been printing money like its going out of fashion, with handouts to everyone; even those that dont need it.

      If nothing else, Covid has given economies a chance to focus on what is sustainable. Tourism has grown too fast for its own good, and the operators that survive need to reconsider the local customers in their business model. You might say they employ people (at minimum wage), but at peak season they exploit the overseas backpackers because they can which keeps local wages to a minimum. I remember being one of them.

      You can still have a cheap holiday; just avoid the restaurants and go for a swim at the beach/lake. We do need more camping ground however, as alot have now been sold for high (end) resorts or temporary housing. Excuse the pun of end. Thats a conversation for another day.

    Roys the name, truths the Game February 16, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    What!!!!! Maybe I missed something?
    Thank goodness Jacinda was at the Helm?

    Another leader may have done worse you think?
    Using that logic another leader may have done better

    Think of Singapore, Taiwan they definitely did better than NZ
    Damn even OZ did a great job.

    Maybe I am biased as I see Jacinda as the great communicator who is an expert at manipulating the message. Good on her that is her strength. But great Leader…on that we will have to disagree.
    Too many screwups and poor decisions from my perspective.

    Must point out that last year I was overseas and therefore not in the NZ goldfish bowl subjected to relentless propaganda.
    Can I tell you that in Cambodia(where I got stuck last March for 6 months).
    No fatalities, a few hundred cases, no major lockdowns (some tactical closures as to be expected)
    AND the people are not living in Covid fear like I see in NZ.

    Cambodia is ruled by a PM who has been in the job 36 years. Definitely understands leadership and in recent years he has mellowed and shows a genuine concern for his people

    So pleeese dont deify the NZ PM.

As it turned out,New Zealand was not even in the Que, not even for an ice cream, let alone a vaccine.

SB, I just hope you remind the next Labour luddites you invite for dinner because they are “interesting ” that their party is a swamp of incompetent liars.
That should spice up the conversation.
And they wanted to impeach Trump! What option do we have for Cindy —- wait for more lies in 30 mths??

Meanwhile, as a Kiwi living in UK, 61 years old and wife 60 years old, with no known underlying conditions, we’re getting our first vaccination tomorrow and second on 5 May. 30% of all adults (incl those who for some reason think they should either wait to see the efficacy rates or are anti-vaxxers) and all in the highest risk groups have now had their first vaccination. Over the last few weeks 2.5 to 3m vaccinations a week, that is approx 5% of the adult population per week.

Whilst the UK has got so much wrong in this pandemic, right from the off, I’m glad I live in a country where they are working hard at doing what is necessary to get back to some semblance of normality ASAP instead of hiding behind “we can just shut down every time a few Covid cases appear” approach.

Eventually, we the world are simply going to have to treat this like the flu which is a big issue with a new variant every winter here, i.e. common sense, annual jab, look after the elderly especially. continue with life.

    Well said. Cindy knows the take up rate for the vaccine will be low in NZ causing further embarresment re this Marxist response plan and economic suicide. But she’s happily printing money again to fund the nonsense.

In leftie minds, no scandal exists.

After decades of losing, the lefties have finally found the formula for complete electoral domination.

The lefties realise that the climate of fear, lockdowns and closed borders suits their purposes perfectly.

I don’t believe that the borders will open next year, even after the vaccine has been belatedly rolled out.

I suspect that New Zealanders will still be hiding under their beds come the next election, which Ms Ardern will win by an unprecedented landslide.

Eventually, the people will tire of this flu, and the lefties will change their rhetoric. They will continue to close everything down to address their climate emergency. However, this shift in fear focus may well require a few years of propaganda to generate the requisite levels of fear in the public.

We will lurch from crisis to crisis, in a world where we’ve never had it so good, in a leftie fear induced panic.

Our competitors will move onwards and upwards, whilst our standard of living will grind lower.

“I’ve seen the future. It is murder” Cohen.

    CF, in particular our Asian competitors / trading partners will to quote you “Our competitors will move onwards and upwards, whilst our standard of living will grind lower”

I see a UK Sage scientist has finally stated the bleedingly obvious: there is no risk of catching the virus at the beach. The combination of sunlight and fresh air ensures that. It only took them a year – heads should roll.

Now some genius should discover there is also no risk in travelling anywhere alone in your own car. Maybe next year.

St Ashley stood on the Podium of Truth and repeated told us there was plenty of PPE while the doctors were telling us they had no PPE or were forced to reuse it.

St Ashley stood on the Podium of Truth and told us that border workers were being routinely tested when they were not.

St Ashley stood on the Podium of Truth and told us that everyone leaving MIQ has been tested when they were not all being tested.

St Ashley stood on the Podium of Truth and repeated told us we were at the head of the queue for vaccines,.. I am not surprised that so far nobody has been vaccinated.

    Really doesn’t give me a hell of a lot of confidence that I want to get a jab with any ‘ vaccine’ when you consider-as you rightly do-the number of lies, cover ups, and cock ups cindy and her little band are making! How well informed are they that this is going to be the ‘cure all’ they are selling it as?

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