The obnoxious new Green MP sponging turd, Ricardo Menendez March, whimpered last week about being roundly attacked following his annual visit home to Mexico.

He better get used to it. I remember every election since 1949 and I can’t recall a new MP eliciting as much contempt as he has, and he thoroughly deserves it.

His existence as a Green MP speaks volumes about the Party and I’ll wager he’ll continue to cause them grief for the next three years, before being finally dumped.


Agree. Menendez-March is an ungrateful, entitled freeloader.

March is a nothing. An incompetent nobody eating from the trough WE have created.
I would rather you focused your contempt on Cindy, her incompetence and the horrendous path she and her comrades are leading this country on at will.

    Well said Edge. The madness this country has become is represented by Cindy and her new age media girls. Each and every one will eventually be held to account. Disease is on the march and we need vaccine to wipe it out.

      Thanks Bert.
      I doubt they will be held to account sadly!
      An oxymoron for you. The Govt tells us the vaccine is the saviour, all jump in boots and all to an “experimental drug”. BUT then say we the Govt aren’t opening the border to those who have been vaccinated (now millions in the world)!!!! Why? Answer – We Don’t Trust The Vaccine.
      Kindy stupid really. Right?

Beware the Ides of March , or is that the idiots of March

Did he go home to visit Mum snd dad or was it to bring his partner back.

    Am still waiting to hear how he can apply for MIQ spots for two in January, then gets home in February, despite having an appeal for special access denied. Everyone else seems to be getting their spots about 4 months from application.

    Something smells.

Don’t bet on it. They’ve still got Golriz, and she’s as cheap and “woke” as they come.

    She was ahead even of the higher-profile Ilhan Omar, for straddling all western PC causes including apologia for the very tyranny she was a “refugee” from. If it is possible for there to be a class of people even more contradictory and hypocritical than western progressives, it is refugees from tyranny who promptly join up not with the western critics of that tyranny, but with its apologists. If “we” are so bigoted and phobic and othering and “oppressive” why did you come here and flee where you came from?

Peter Andrew Cameron Beveridge February 17, 2021 at 7:00 pm


You were going to write an article on why the Greens wont last. Where is it???

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