The above photo shows the New Zealand Organ Donors Association members on their way to their AGM.

We must all admire their splendid altruism.


No helmets really increases their odds.

Love it!

And just in case your readers might think you have no right to take the piss out of organ donors….I recall way back in the day when I was involved in the organ donor ‘permission’ on the new lifetime driver’s licence, working with the Kidney Foundation, I asked you to front a free to air TV ad. You very kindly agreed. The ad was a bit shit, but your were good :)….And you gave the Kidney Foundation some practical advice which I remember to this day and which applies to all voluntary groups. That is, to use fundraising to feed an investment fund and to work towards self- funding through investment income.

We need to make helmets voluntary, too.

Anyone who regularly drives over the Remutaka’s will have know first-hand just how lighlty so many motorcyclists value their lives and others. I wish they would consider the dispair they leave behind when they kill themesleves for the most trivial of reasons.

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