The article below is from The Australian.

It’s food for thought vis a vis our arguable over-reactions.

But how much longer will New Zealanders, in my long life experience, a timid society, passively accept what is occurring?

The daily face-grimacing irrelevant nonsense from the Prime Minister, alongside the scout-masterish bloody Ashley is embarrassing.

Stop it.


I note four died on the roads last weekend. The toll this year is heading to 400 dead and approx 7,000 seriously injured, many requiring permanent welfare. We could drop the speed limit to 10kph and save 400 lives. But at what economic cost from delayed travel, deliveries etc?

But we CAN shut down the Auckland economy when there’s a runny nose in Papatoetoe.

Cinderella says this Covid “kills” which is her justification.

Call me perplexed.

    Me too. The only benefit of the horse and cart is the conversion from chaff to manure which is toasty for the plants. Cinderella has a penchant and a lust for power and propaganda. Shutting down the economy doesn’t concern her one jot. Under her socialist mantra the economy is secondary to control. Hipkins is a fellow traveller and St Ashley reads the notes. Nauseating.

Great article Sir Bob.
The unpalatable fact is that in our insignificant country we are governed by a leader who is a stranger to the truth and revels in a daily dose of “fear porn “.
So much so that Ardern is now seen as the leader of a cult.
As I have said on innumerable occasions, this is not about our health or economic well-being, it is all about control.
Control in everything we do or even what we think.
Welcome to the North Korea of the South Pacific.

    I would be inclined to think the same, but nothing has saddened me more about the state of our civilization, than the sheer lack of principled alternative offered by the “centre right” all over the world. They’ve all completely sold us out. It is not just that governments, such as Boris Johnson’s, are just as bad as if the Left were in power, but that they go so far as to censure their own people who dare to offer contrarian common sense, and approve of such things as Big Tech censorship. We see our own National “opposition” taking the position that they’d do the same or be even tougher. Chris Penk wrote a book, “Flattening the Country”, that was nowhere near tough enough and even that now looks brave and contrarian.

    I believe David Seymour has asked a lot of the right questions, and I think the resurgence of support for ACT at the last election is a rough indication of the proportion of the population that is actually awake, doing its own research, and sees through the “Uniparty” arrangement that prevails in NZ on virtually everything that matters. Sadly, 10% might be as good as it gets.

    There is an embarrassment of riches of evidence of incompetence and malfeasance on the part of the global establishment and its “public health official” sock puppets but we might as well now live under a totalitarian system for the chances of truth coming out and responsible persons being held accountable. For example, even the hypothesis that spread of Covid was by contact, droplets and surfaces, was the wrong one; aerosols are the main problem. The circumstantial evidence for this is glaring; there has been internal debates within the WHO and other official bodies all along, and the higher-ups are covering their own backsides now rather than admit some of their underlings were right. Aerosol spread could have been targeted at a fraction of the cost of hard lockdowns which have no proven effectiveness at least partly because the wrong kind of spread is assumed as the target.

    There is nothing more repugnantly outrageous than the continued abuse in parts of the world, of police powers against people who are “merely outside” for too long or too far from home or whatever. Being outside is probably the single biggest mitigation anyone can deploy against infection. It is certain that some proportion of deaths that have occurred are BECAUSE people were confined inside 24/7 with aerosols building up, being exhaled and inhaled and exhaled until people were as sick as possible; when under normal circumstances they would have been out and about and breathing some infection-free air for much of the day; and of course infectious people breathing out viruses into the great outdoors are not like breathing them out round the clock in an apartment or a crowded rental home.

    That is just one significant aspect that should be better known. Sheer incompetence and dishonesty in institutions that are suddenly of all importance, such as public health, could be a significant means of the collapse of civilization in its decadent state. Aerosol infection could be a problem with the next pandemic too and what is needed is a focus on fresh air and ventilation; instead we have “sick building syndrome” and regulators hell-bent on buildings and HVAC being as “energy efficient” as possible. This has probably also contributed to 2020 being a kind of “peak flu season”.

It Beggars belief that we are at Level 2 still. Effectively that just killed the America’s cup momentum and buzz and any hospo light at the end of a dark tunnel . We went to dinner at North Wharf the night after last change in levels and we were the only diners from 6.30p to 8.30p in what was normally a packed 2 sittings per night restaurant..

At least if we win the cup again , they may actually finish the 2021 AM upgrades in time for a 2025 cup.

What the Premier can’t say, but I can, is that it’s a much milked distraction from the incompetence of this Government and gives our PM multiple opportunities to look kind and caring. But Gladys is right – we’re a passive/aggressive lot. Much more compliant than the sheep we’re compared with.

Barking mad. The mad coalition and a few medical fascists are holding the country to ransom. 99.997% survival. Ivermectin the super cheap wonder drug can smash Covid out if the park, our ignorant press don’t even know it exists. It’s all about control, Jacinda whistles and the sheeple jump.

Covid has been a means to advertise personalities, and it works especially well around election time. Like you and many others, I’m getting sick (excuse the pun) of it.

What gets me is NZ’s bigger illness is the $20 billion of profit that gets exported every year, on a GDP of $300 billion. Do some maths on this, and could take decades to remedy, yet it never gets reported.

The only conclusion one can draw from this is politicians are a wasted space.

well said sir ! Imagine, thats 40 years of Fonterra Profits to the year 2060 to pay for last years 2020 Foreign Owned profits.

How did we get to this, Asset Sales to Foreigners is how. What a giant ponzi scheme, Led by Foreign Owned Bank profits and oh yes that”s right Johnkeynomics at the helm of ANZ>.

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