Nearly four decades ago, in 1984 I wrote a novel “The Permit”. Given its sales success, driven in part by 1984 being a super-charged political year, I imagine many folk have read it.

Its salient theme was the pack-hunting behaviour of political journalists which I’d observed over the previous decades. In particular their collective promotion of some political leaders, then triggered by one of them, having built the leader up to an absurd iconic status, abruptly and collectively turning on him.

We are witnessing it now with Jacinda, who, as with Muldoon, Lange and Key before her, and to a lesser extent, also Helen Clark, the hero to zero treatment must come as a hell of a shock.

Most understandably take it badly although none more than Lange who developed an intense loathing of journalists.

We are now witnessing with the Jacinda attacks, an apparent sudden awareness of what this Blog has carried on about for the last three months.

Specifically, the Government has lied and bluffed about our first in the vaccine queue status which assertion was plainly dishonest.

So too with the embarrassing Jacinda face-grimacing mush about kindness and the team of five million. The recent nation-wide lockdown was also totally unnecessary and caused anger.

But up until a few days ago the media viewed all of this uncritically. Now abruptly its apparently appalling.

Why do they act this way?

My pop psychologist view has always been the same.

As a general proposition the Press Gallery personnel are reasonably bright people. Conversely, many politicians aint too smart.

By the time the journoes reach say their late thirties, they’ve woken to the fact that what seemed a glamorous career back in their teens, is anything but. Poorly paid they find themselves mere reporters of other lesser mortals who are now prominent decision makers.

The result is envy and thus the blood-lust to pull down the politicians they’d created a mythology of wonderfulness about. I elaborated on this theme in my comic novel 2002 “True Facts” about the newspaper world.

The criticisms now being levelled at the government and the Prime Minister in particular, could have and should have been made months ago.

History shows once the media posture turns, eventually the public follows.

An election today would see the government comfortably returned but probably dropping the half a dozen seats they would normally never have won.

However, we’re nearly three years from an election and I suspect that time factor could produce a different result.

One important reason is that good candidates are always attracted if they feel there’s a chance of government. The change in the media’s lickle-spit to Jacinda over the last two years will be a huge incentive to potential good National and ACT candidates who won’t feel they’re wasting their lives.

All of that said, I like Labour governments as they alone bring radical changes when they’re needed.

The Nats by contrast simply mind the shop, being largely content with the status quo as they find it.

If I was advising the government I’d tell them the ultimate vote-winner, namely wipe out gangs and beggars. The Nats could promise the same but one in office will, in their traditional fashion, find a reason not to act if they perceived any potential criticism.



Right on SB. Jacinda is fallible. Her armoury of be kind and team of 5 million is arrant nonsense. Hipkins is from the stalag kindergarten FSB apprentice school. There is no opposition. Judith has lost her bite. Seymour is the only one asking questions but the bover boy is being cantankerous and running a protection racket for Cinderella. I’m reminded of Peter Sellars.

God, I sincerely hope you are correct Sir Bob.
Sadly I am not so optimistic.
Ardern and her sycophants lie on an industrial scale on a daily basis.
Where the hell are the millions of vaccines that were ordered and paid for prior to the last election, where any actually ordered ?
This continuing shoveling of bovine manure by Ardern from the “ pulpit of truth “ is seriously affecting people’s health and livelihoods.
The economic carnage Ardern is responsible for is currently being hidden by the Reserve Bank printing presses going flat out 24/7.
When the printing presses slow down or stop all hell will break loose.
Only then will the obsequious and fawning MSM take note that they backed and overtly promoted the wrong horse.
By the it will be too late.

Re Beggars
American cities apparently give their beggars a one way ticket to Hawaii.
With Australia deporting its convicts to NZ perhaps NZ could return the favour by offering its Beggars a free (one way) ticket to the Gold Coast. The one way travel bubble opens again Friday so the process could start immediately.
Re Gangs
The problem has got a lot worse since Australia started deporting its convicts. There is too much money in drugs and the do gooders are too soft to hurt the offenders. The problem will never be solved. Probably needs the death penalty for manufacture to make any difference.

    Fair enough Billy but a small correction, the Police recorded (God knows how) the increase in criminal gang membership over the past three years as 2500, 5300 to 7800, a 46% increase. Of those only 41 (1.7%) were Aussie deportees. Thanks Jacinda, nice “be kind” legacy to the flock of five million, won’t be long till we crack the 10K at this rate.

    No, we should do the opposite and legalise drug use.

    Another interesting approach to the problem and arguably much more democratic, is an international beggar exchange programme…apparently now under consideration by the UN.
    Its been shown that a beggar or street person in tourist mode is much happier and so creates a genuinely colourful addition to any downtown CBD and at the same time generates a small but worthwhile source of foreign exchange for their home country.

    Australia does not export their convicts to NZ, they revoke their temporary visas and send them back to their legitimate country of citizenship, mainly NZ, our Peter Dutton has been known to refer to it as taking the trash out. These criminal scum were raised in kiwi homes with kiwi whanau, thats where they learnt their trade. The real and underlying issue is NZ has a violence and criminal problem with a relatively high proportion of its people, plus the6 are super soft on crime. Aussie is not, criminals are dealt with, serve their time and sent home. One of the best examples was the leader of an Australian gang, he went to Malta to visit his ill parents, whilst there Dutton cancelled his visa and he couldn’t get back to Australia, despite several appeals he remains outside Australia. Similarly, kiwis are leaving on ConAir as they are criminals and were too lazy or too stupid to get Aussie citizenship before committing their crimes.

Poorly paid? I venture the thought that many, probably the majority, of politicians would take a pay cut if they had to return to the outside work force.

The tolerance of Gangs in New Zealand is inexplicable to me-practically every country has RICO style laws to get rid of this kind of organized crime but NZ seems to have no political will to stamp them out. Even Muldoon had an odd sympathy for them.
I live in Victoria and let me tell you the gang/drug problem only gets worse, eventually corrupting the police and judiciary.
The really big spanner in the tool kit to tackle gangs is actually not just Police, but the IRD. If you want to really dismember gangs-take away the glamourous cash lifestyle. Force gang members to show where the money is coming from-its a lot less attractive to be a gangbanger if you can’t afford the Harley and have to live at home with Mum.
(It was the IRD that jailed Al Capone in the USA)
As to the Political hero to zero-yes-agreed. I worked with a chap who became the mayor of my town and twice ran for the local Liberal MP seat-I was genuinely amazed at how little he knew about anything. There is an excellent funny story about this. He was due to take part in a debate and wasn’t a great speaker. I told him that he needed to focus on a few simple messages. “Helping other Aussies-proud to have a streak of Socialism-National Pride in Australia” put that together? “National Socialism for Australia”
He came within an ace of saying it-apparently warned off by his father in law just before he spoke…

Evident in Jacinda’s break from her weekly update with Hoskings. Jacinda deems having to answer tough questions unnecessary. At least Her majesty, acknowledged she would make herself available, as and when she felt it appropriate. Clearly another example of the vast intellectual superiority of politicians as opposed to journos. Granted Jacinda does have the mental capability to front the media, unlike other politicians. By the way, when are the politicians going to be part of the team of 5m, and have their covid pay cut as they promised? I haven’t seen Cindy and company front up for their public vaccine Jab yet? What a photo op, to get the team behind you. I would have thought she is front line, if not front of the line?

To quote our Aussies friends “You’re dreaming mate”.
The left have an agenda and that includes the media. The love affair with it/her is far from over.
If you are slightly aware of what is happening in the States at the moment the alarms should be going off everywhere. The list of atrocities being committed there is endless but the open border policy alone, which you appear to love, will cost them the house in 18 mths.
But all being swept under the carpet by the corrupt Dems and leftist press. It’s actually stunningly scarey.

Has it not occurred to anyone that this is how papers are sold, on hyped bad news.

    Yes agree.
    But also consider that if there is a $55m plus handout happening, those who report positively on the Government are more likely to get it.
    Always follow the money, readership, advertising, government benefits. That’s what they publish.

    Don’t be silly – nobody buys newspapers these days.

frederickwilliscroft March 10, 2021 at 5:08 pm

I agree that Labour governments are often transformational. However this current government is so bereft of intellectual talent that this is an impossibility. How many ministers are even barely competent.Three or four at most. I was never that keen on Helen Clark or her politics but she is so superior to Adern that it’s not even a contest. Clark would never bail on Hosking. She had a tough streak and probably relished the combat rather than running for the hills.
As for the media coverage I would contend it’s still very sycophantic toward Adern. Today on Stuff another warm fuzzy story about how she’s going to save the Maui dolphin and its only kids letters she makes a point of always reading. The other day it was a letter from some kid in Ireland. Frankly it seems like every second day we get some heartwarming gushy story about Jacinda. Frankly it’s nauseating.

HI Bob
This is not a comment, just an attempt to contact you in the hope you might publish this behaviour.I am happy to verify facts
My complaint is here

I remember reading “The Permit”, the point I remember the most was the pettiness of bureaucrats enforcing regulations.

Lange’s rapid wit was well illustrated by his response when a journalist asked him what the government might do with the money from the French Government’s damages payment over the Rainbow Warrior sinking and he replied, “we’re thinking of establishing a school of journalism”. I don’t think we’ve had his like since. Jacinda certainly couldn’t get near that standard for handling the media.

A word all NZ should understand. PROLETARIAT.

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