Bishop Brian Tamaki

I was pleased to see His Grace declared the recent earthquake was God’s wrath at the media’s grossly unfair criticism of him for his perfectly legitimate departure from Auckland before the lockdown. That sounds probable.

The Tamakis were in one of the estimated 10,000 cars which legally left before the lockdown began yet they alone were singled out for an inexplicable criticism.

I must say His Grace’s God chap is indeed a mild mannered and kindly fellow, as Christians claim.

For example, if I was God I’d lay on a lot more than an occasional earthquake re the media.

Instead there’d be some pin-point accurate lightening zapping which would soon sharpen the buggers up. That would indeed be doing God’s work.


hahah rate this.

The volcanologist can only tell you after the event so the Rev could be a great help. He should now turn his skills to epidemiology and help Cinderella.

I understand the good Bish’s God is busy at present disciplining the sinful folks in Iceland. He’s visited them with 34,000 earthquakes in the last two weeks, which effort must leave him exhausted.
There’s a rumour emerging from Wellington that, when recovered, his next important assignment will be the chastisement of Hosking.

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