I was shocked to read of 200 rape cases a month currently in New Zealand.

Per chance, chatting to a detective involved in such matters a couple of days earlier, he alluded to this and I wrongly dismissed it as hyperbole.

As it transpires the situation has been the case for the past three years, putting huge pressure on the police and causing delays in prosecutions.

Rapists are invariably social misfit vermin of conspicuously weak character. We need tougher penalties with meaningful minimum say eight years prison terms.

It’s a taxpayer burden most folk would happily accept.



That mind blowing, Couldn’t agree more.

Sir Bob, forget it.
With this “ hug a thug “ socialist / communist government it is only getting better for such vermin.
Andrew Little is spending all his waking hours neutering our Judiciary while Poto Williams our intrepid Minister of Police is only there to ensure we have gender equality and loads of gays plus inter – sex people to protect the populous.
I look back a few decades when Gideon Tait ran the force and ensured the turds in our community were effectively dealt to.
That will never, ever happen with Coster who now wants “ policing by consent.”
Too busy having his troops playing guitars with illegal, militant Maori squatters or assisting in illegal road blocks to investigate burglaries, assaults etc.
Must confess it is getting quiet dispiriting.

    All good points – and to those you can add their new policy of not chasing bad buggers that flee from them, often in stolen cars, affected by drink and/or drugs, and with driving skills honed on a PlayStation or x-box.

    Who’d be a copper these days?

Tut tut Sir Bob – you should know by now that we have a ‘kind’ government that now gives rapists a jolly good scolding, firmly telling them not to do it again whilst having a hug, before sending them on their way with a Teddy Bear under their arm to put in their bedroom window.

This is especially the case with the ‘indigenous’ perpetrators lest the the Gummint be labelled racist bigots.

Of course you will also know that all of this kindness has nothing to do with the pure coincidence of the situation being like this for the past 3 years of Arden’s ‘leadership’ or even trying to reduce the prison muster…….

SB, Don’t wish for too much with Cinderella and Davis in charge. The two Maori Party reps are honing excuses for these miscreants as we think.

Easy fix…more hugs, then when that doesn’t work and everyone starts asking the hard questions…..easy fix..run from the media. Cowardly fraud!!!

This is such a vexed issue, with no easy answers and no winners other than, as always, lawyers.

Andrew Little is trying in his own tragic way, to do the right thing. He’s trying to turn the legal process on its head for sex crime prosecutions. Accused will be required to prove innocence. Accusers will not be subjected to cross examination.

Well intended but IMHO so wrong. The consequences of a false conviction outweigh the terrible consequences of being a sex crime victim.

Blackstone’s Ratio must hold. As much for sex crimes as anything else.

I do agree with the premise of the original post: Sentences for violence convictions in NZ tend to be beneath pathetic. And yet they want to repeal the largely marvellous 3 strikes law?

It seems like a simple matter of catching the perps and locking them up but then there is also the negative political optics of appearing to target certain groups and swelling the prison population with members of these groups which is a no-no for our politically correct socialist overlords.
As US conservative commentator David Cole put it: “any “lock up criminals” policies will inevitably lead to a disproportionate number of locked-up [minority groups]. Expecting otherwise is like expecting to mount a Broadway musical without encountering gays.”

If you included incestuous child rape, which is even more psychologically damaging, it would be more like 20,000 rapes a month – at least.

So sad – no one in politics wants to touch this demon. Yet it is the real world.

You should start here, Bob.


There is a risk of unintended consequences – that rapists will be more inclined to kill their victims to silence them and that juries will require a higher standard of proof to convict making that even harder than it is at present.

Its a fair bet too that a good % are serial rapists or always violent toward women and probably everyone else.
They do it so often they probably don’t really think of it as rape any more.
I’m not typically in favor of capital punishments, but I find myself leaning toward it for people like Malcom Rewa and the lowlife here in Victoria that murdered Eurydice Dixon,(Rot in hell you swine)
Imagine just for a moment how much more relieved the women of the world might feel knowing that rape was taken as seriously as armed robbery? There is the saying that men are afraid that women will reject them, but women are afraid men will kill them. 1 is a disgrace, 200 is an epidemic.

The death penalty (by hanging, like we used to) is surely the most just penalty for rape. It is more warranted as a punishment even more so than for murder.

A rapist traumatises his victim for the rest of her life. A murderer ‘merely’ ends it. Rape is worse than murder, and it is not something committed in a fit of passion or insanity. It is done out of deeply rotten character that cannot be reformed, certainly not in our prison system.

“Rape is worse than murder”. Few victims wish they’d been murdered. Perceptions on both sides vary far beyond your generalisations.

All you bleeding heart heroes. Why not a focus on solutions? Like using cell phones as a self-defence tool.


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