The Government has run full-page newspapers advertisements saying, “We have secured enough doses of the Pfizer vaccine for everyone 16 years and over…”

“Secured!” That’s an ambiguous word which I suggest most folk would not unreasonably interpret in this context as actually possessing the vaccine.

Take, “You can come in now. I’ve secured the dog”.

So you enter and are immediately bitten by a free-ranging snarling beast and when you protest, your host says he meant by securing the dog, doing so in four months time.

Which is exactly the situation with the vaccine. For further down in the advertisement it transpires that border and front-line workers excepted, the vaccine for the general adult public, in other words 99% of the populace, will not be available until July, that is nearly four months away.

Plainly the truth is the government has secured, not the vaccine at all, but instead the promise of its delivery in the future.

So by the time we start vaccinating everyone, Britain with its near 70 million people will have completed vaccinating all of its adult population. So too Chile with its 19 million population.

Given Health Minister Hipkins assurance, not once, but twice back in October, that New Zealand is at the head of the queue for supply, plainly that was untrue.

Why then did he say this back then? Almost certainly because his officials told him that was the case.

What riles me about this is not so much the mistaken claim, after all we all make mistakes, but the duplicity and cover-up instead of admitting it.

Confessing to mistakes is always well received and gives confidence of dealing with honest people. In a democracy that’s critical.

For the record, as of today, 4% of the world’s population has been vaccinated.

For New Zealand to be in step, we would have vaccinated circa 200,000 of our citizenry.

This situation is nothing less than scandalous.


The U.S. is currently averaging about 2.5 million shots a day. Last Saturday we did close to 3 million. Just sayin.’ .

    So what. We are meant to be front of the queue. When are the over 70s ( the vulnerable group ) getting the jab? Cinderella has hers.

I think you are wrong blaming officials. “Head of the queue,” I believe was another grandstanding slogan from St Jacinda. She of course cannot be criticised. She refuses to admit when she is wrong or does not know something. Instead she bluffs her way through. That was the case here.

There is an old adage…how do you know when a politician is telling fibs. Answer….Their lips are moving. Jacinda is superb at blurring the edges. Misleading statements are her mantra. So it is with Hipkins and Ashley. They don’t seem to care much about out tourist industry but are experts at self protection. The supply of the vaccine is picture painting. What about actual dates. Our borders are not impregnable.

Australians are waiting to come here not enter quarantine. Jacinda might believe the crud that she leads the world in combating Covid. She is now asleep at the switch denying Kiwis the opportunity to travel to Australia and return without impediment. She loves control?

    Too true, im in Victoria with parents in chch. Id be over in a heartbeat, but not if it involves weeks of quarantine or a potential lockout.

Meanwhile countries all over the world are looking at vaccine passports to kick start their important tourism businesses and income.
We sleep at the wheel.
July will become September for most of us but don’t worry —- sweet Cindy has found the printing press. Money just turns up when she waves her magic wand. Don’t worry about business or income or tourists.
Control is everything right?

Andrew Rouppe van der Voort March 17, 2021 at 12:55 pm

We have to vaccinate at a rate of some 35,000 per day, 7 days a week from now to the end of the year in order to give 5 million people two shots.

How many citizens are over 16? Let’s say 4 million. To give 8 million shots in 6 months (182 days) requires 43956 shots per day, 7 days a week.

Labour, Jacinda Ardern, and Chris Hipkins are lying if they say it can be done this year.

    You get your flu shot at the local doctors office or chemist. It’s not rocket science to get through 100s of thousands a week.
    Now actually getting and distributing the vaccine requires skills Cindy and her mob clearly lack.

    Thank you for doing the numbers. Regrettably there aren’t any journalists out there sufficiently numerically aware to do this.

    I did a similar exercise when the Labour party, prior to the the 2017 election, promised to plant 1 billion trees in 10 years. When you do the numbers you realise that they needed to plant three trees every second of every minute of every hour of every day for 10 years.

    No journalist ever asked the question How are we going to achieve this target?

Should we be countig the lies from Arden & Co, as was done with Drumpf?

The Herald is doing its bit for vaccine misinformation with a “vaccine tracker” showing the UK trailing the world because over a third of its population has had only one jab.

We are currently level pegging with Algeria, Myanmar and Zimbabwe:
Gorliz Ghahraman had the disingenuous temerity to accuse Isreal of practicing ‘medical apartheid’ with their vaccine roll out. At a rate of 108%, I reckon we could do with some of that.

Before you go rushing to get the vaccine, listen to Geert Vanden Bossche (Probably most qualified guy in the world on vaccines)interview on Del Bigtree. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SGXpt9TrF3E

    Thanks Armor, I have just watched the Geert Vanden Bossche interview.
    This is the most thorough exposition of the issues surrounding the Covid vaccine that I’ve seen.

    As you state he is probably the most qualified guy in the world on vaccines,and what he very clearly
    states is shocking.
    The implications of mass vaccination on the global population are horrifying.
    Anyone interested in actual facts will gain new perspective from this man’s knowledge and understanding.

      Pure logic says only those people in fear of dying if the catch the flu should experiment with the “emergency” vaccine.
      Why would any fit healthy person under 60 ever consider a vaccine rushed out in 12 months?
      Frankly it’s illogical James!!!.
      Herd immunity by catching it is equally as effective. The scaremongering should stop.

      Most mutations (that affect a change of amino acid) are deleterious (and the virus dies).

      Generally, the more mutations a virus carries, the less viable the virus is.

      So eight changes to the spike protein as in the South African “super”-virus would be expected to make the virus much much less viable.

      However, the liars tell you that eight changes to the spike protein must make the virus much much more viable and dangerous.

      They do this to scare you.

      They do not care whether their “science” is right or wrong.

      You can think of the spike protein as a key that opens a very specific lock.

      Now imagine making a change in the lock, say by filing it down at some point.

      Is it likely to open the lock as well as the original?

      Now randomly file it down, or build it up, at eight points.

      Is it more likely to open the lock than the original? Will the key even work?

      The idiot Geert Vanden Bossche says that the current crop of Covid vaccines will cause Covid to mutate into some sort of “super-infectious virus”. This is based on the theory that the so-called “super”-covids are significantly more infectious than the original, which is very very unlikely to be the case. I know that the liars have already told you that these viruses are significantly more infectious, but that hasn’t been proved.


      What he says sounds plausible but I have a deep suspicion of any pitch that takes hours to tell you what it could have told you in two minutes.

You are right but we have to have the vaccine here in NZ not some vague promise. These people couldn’t organise a decent business. Try asking the MOH what the time line is. They. Haven’t got a clue.

    Remember the stone cold lies from this time last year
    Ashley: we have lots of PPE…..We have all the flu vaccines availiable.
    Joe public: but we all called our docs surgeries and were told the truth – there are zero flu vaccines here.
    J candy: i refute that. They are lying. Move along. Next question Tovar…..

There is an old advertising adage “When you have nothing to say-sing it” I think this fits the bill perfectly. It is desperately cynical of the Labour party to have sat down and agreed to roll out this ad campaign (using our money) to basically sing about nothing.

When it really counted-they failed to deliver on the most important project in a generation.
Running an ad campaign is Labour all over. All puff pastry and no filling.
JACINDA-when you hit the bottom stop digging and man up to the mistake.

Yes, and the compliant media asks no questions. Bought, with taxpayer money.

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