Wellington MP Nicola Willis hit the news this week with her claim of feeling unsafe in Wellington’s CBD. I’ve heard this repeatedly in recent weeks. So what’s occurred to suddenly bring about this state of affairs? Nicola knows but being a typical kick for touch Nat’, wasn’t game to say for fear of the wearying racism charge.

What’s happened is this year the capital’s CBD has suddenly become an attractive destination for maori gangs. And why? Because the bloody unbelievably idiotic Welfare Department is putting them up at taxpayers expense in central city hotels. This is sheer madness.

This filth is now everywhere on our CBD streets, threatening pedestrians. I’ve heard numerous stories including incidents from my own staff.

For example, a prime central city hard working restaurant proprietor in one of our buildings witnessed one of these pieces of garbage, emerge from an adjacent Quest hotel, swagger drunkenly while shouting obscenities, then pick up one of her outside table’s chair and hurl it against a passing car. The driver wisely kept going.

Auckland’s central Queen Street has been unsafe after 8pm for some years now, thanks to a mob of about 20 maoris lurching drunkenly about and accosting anyone game enough to venture out.

Nowhere else in the world would this be tolerated.

Frankly, it produces a wonderful political opportunity for a Party game enough to take a hard line without fear of racism charges. The public, and I have absolutely no doubt the vast majority of maoridom, embarrassed by this appalling carry-on, would be with them 100%.

For starters, ban the new maori industry of degrading begging which not so long ago was illegal and is now today in some European nations.

Second; adopt policies that work, such as pay unemployment benefits for three months only, then accept no further applications for a year and keep building up the Police force and construct more prisons for no-hopers who have thrived as welfare bludgers.

The current soft-soaping approach is simply an incentive for low-lifes to continue their life-wasting practices. That’s their call but the rest of us should not have to endure it.

I say it again. No city CBDs in any western nation, and the majority of other countries for that matter, has unsafe environments to compare with Auckland and Wellington, and increasingly Christchurch.

It’s ludicrous, that for fear of racism charges we’re tolerating this.


Sir Bob, you know as well as I do that if Ms Wright had spoken honestly and blamed Maori gangs the media would tar and feather her. This is the hypocrisy of the media today. Ms Wright would be labelled a racist, white supremacist and it would be linked to the National Party. Meanwhile, the likes of Willie Jackson, Labour, who is constantly making racist statements gets a free pass from the taxpayer-funded Stuff. Likewise, Maori co-leader Waititi issues a blatant racist tweet condemning Caucasians that received scant media coverage or outrage. If an “old white man” had uttered such words, the media and the human rights commission would have responded immediately. What this country needs is a balanced media.

    Ms Willis

    She did – and they have. News from Parliament today.

    I agree. Our Maori brethren are never investigated by the race relations commissioner. Hone H and these latest group are blatantly racist but nothing is done to call them out. Stuff has become a mouth piece to sanitise history. Sure there were wrongs and history is littered with mayhem. To quote Alex Haley author of Roots…to dwell in the past condemns the future. One day the Asians will run this country. The likes of Ms Davidson spewing out race hatred doesn’t solve the problem of street gangs Maori or anyone else.
    It’s just too easy to throw the race card.Davidson should do something practical. Talk is cheap. What is Mr Coster doing?

    Andrew Rouppe van der Voort March 20, 2021 at 10:18 am

    Didn’t have to mention race. I believe her question in the house just referred to emergency housing and she was accused of racism by the drop dead useless Davidson

Well said. Policing by consent has gone too far to the warm fuzzy side. I served about 38 yrs and can’t believe the current set up /approach. See my website: commonsenselaws.org

    Ardern and her cronies passed a law last year empowering Police to enter homes without warrant to make sure we were…what…I still don’t get why? That seems to be her ( arderns) priority. Police officers are manning covid testing stations…why? And these offensive road blocks when ardern panicks when one two people sneeze…, Police officers again. Whats wrong with using the Army if there has to be road blocks? It is a clear priority of the current govt that crime WILL be rewarded and the Police themselves are becoming impotent because of a lack of guts by the govt….and I have to say it, by a weak commissioner. This govt has politicised the Police Dpt and unfortunately the Dpt does not have the ‘kahuna’s…read ‘balls’ to stand up and say ‘ hey we are not your whipping boys’!

Dead right Sir Bob.
Visited Christchurch this week and it is clear the Maori gangs have taken up residence in former upmarket motels by the dozen, and which we are paying for !
The only positive in this as the white trailer trash have exited their former inner city haunts and run for the hills.
Ardern has created this monster with absolutely no exit strategy.
Coster , our soaking wet and woke Police Commissioner resembles a deer caught in the headlights.
Absolutely no clue – unlike one of his predecessors – Gideon Tait.
But the daily crap you correctly note is not confined to our metropolitan centers.
According to a detective, in Hawke’s Bay during the month of February there were 28 recorded shootings resulting in 11 hospital admissions.
As I read the local papers vociferously I disputed this as the MSM had not reported the numbers from the detective.
The reason why most of us are treated like mushrooms is that Police HQ has instructed that this information be kept from the populous.
The hapless Minister of Police should be thoroughly tested on this in the House.

Strange our seekers after racial truth at Stuff are not reporting this?

Please National grow some balls. What have you got to lose!
We recently retired to Invercargill (and absolutely love it. Sane house price, wide streets, 5 mins to anywhere and friendly folk and hot days with no humidity), but there have been several AOS call outs in the last few months. Unprecedented for Southland and guess what? Yep the Gangs are in town.

Bang on Bob. Good on you for calling it as it is. Of course if Comrade Clueless gets her hate speech laws passed, for saying that you may end up sharing a room with one of these scum.

So it’s not just Rotorua who have had there hotels placed into quarantine facilities and motels are now turned into mini ghetto’s full of gang members and there prospects. Don’t know what’s going to happen when the borders open and we do start to get a trickle of visitors but my guess is that when they do stay in our motels and visit our cities and towns they will be shown some good old gangster hospitality of being beaten up and robbed then home they will go, in which if it happened to me I would say “give Aotearoa the land of the long lost skid mark a miss and perhaps visit Afghanistan where you will be much safer!

    Sharing a motel with criminal gangsters and piss soaked deros does not a happy holiday make.

    All this gun crime – everyday it seems there’s a shoot up – and burglaries at record levels.
    I got pulled up by three cops manning a road block for no seat belt in a 30K area. There was a shoot up nearby and only 5% of our burglaries get solved. I said to the officer “got time for this? Caught that maniac with the gun and solved all the burglaries have you?”

frederickwilliscroft March 18, 2021 at 11:11 am

So agree Sir Robert. Wellington CBD has gone backwards at an alarming rate over the past year or so. All the time I see persons lolling about drunk or on some other substance ,aggressive and abusive. The other day I saw some Asian families abused in Cuba Mall they looked scared and quickly moved on.
Police are meant to be upping their presence which I think means more driving around aimlessly. They need to be out walking and patrolling the streets. Mind you a couple of weeks ago I saw 5 policeman strolling down Cuba St. Why they has to walk in such a number is beyond me. In 2s or 3s anyone.
I remember when the sight of a beggar was an unusual sight.Now it’s a growth industry. Soon they will have to tender for spots. Also the number of persons setting up home in the street continually grows. The police need to implement the same policy as New York. Patrol the streets ,beggars and vagrants not tolerated and quickly moved on. Look how safe that city is.

    Yes, and all these lovely beggars seem to be in possesion of stolen supermarket trolleys that they leave all thier rubbish in day and night.
    We would get arrested for theft, possesion of stolen goods, littering, etc etc.
    But they apparently have a leave pass that we are not entitled to.

Interesting, the motorways in Auckland seem to have a numerous patched gang members on their Harley’s last 12 months or so that I’ve never noticed before?

Seems like a pattern of anecdotal evidence times are a changing.

Thanks to our fairy god mother and Peter Dutton we have had an up surge in criminals arriving in New Xi Land. Sad to say most of these people are Maori gang members but not all. Some of these burned down the prison in the Waikato. It is true that our kind Labour Govt has stacked the motels with people with gang connections. The Australians are sick and tired of these people who never had the gumption to become Australian Citizens so it provides Dutton with the perfect opportunity to send them back to their Whanau. Criminals don’t belong to one ethnic group. The inner city is not safe. The cops under Coster better better sort this crap out. Cajoling doesn’t do anything. Perhaps we should deploy the SAS to perform the polices’ role. I’m informed the gangs control Napier now not the police. Nash should hang his head in shame.

We also have dangerous dogs not on leashes stuffing up women’s ability to go for walks. We tolerate this as well. So many complaints – yet the police can do nothing, and the government needs the white trash vote.

I live in a Cuba Street apartment and have worked in the CBD for over twenty years. The decline of the central city has been progressive but until relatively recently has been ‘manageable’ and generally accepted by city dwellers such as me. The problems started when mental health services repatriated patients back into the community. Boarding house ghettos of previously gated and supervised mental health patients emptied their occupants onto the city streets after breakfast each day with instructions not to come back until dinner time.

Various dishevelled and disorientated types stumbled or lolled about and/or begged for money and tobacco. In a long and winding process most of them were sort of assimilated into the day to day landscape of the CBD. But in 2020 came the allegedly poor and dispossessed social welfare beneficiaries placed in various backpacker-type establishments under the guise of ’emergency housing support’. In the vicinity of Courtenay Place and Manners Street the original welfare beneficiaries were generally young males – unemployed and probably unemployable given their demeanour and behaviour.

That welfare beneficiary population has progressively expanded to include an extensive range of slatternly and abusive younger women, and the housing support has expanded into what were previously business traveller hotels in Manners Street. The behaviour of the residents is at best anti-social and at worst offensive and dangerous. We have called the Police to remove drunken and abusive groups of younger men from our office entrance. They are dirty, foul mouthed, racist, and abusive to young women. They spit and urinate against our walls and they throw litter everywhere they stand.

I have watched this unfolding for months and getting worse by the day. Based on my observations their socio-economic situations are self-inflicted, aided and abetted by poor parenting or the lack thereof when it comes to educational achievement. These people portray themselves, or are portrayed as, victims of colonisation or some such nonsense. They are not – they have chosen a lifestyle subsidised by welfare benefits and crime. I once had sympathy for street people that I encountered – now I feel only anger and frustration. It annoys me greatly that so many people can openly flaunt the law on so many levels and be assured of no consequences. Yet in communities away from the Wellington CBD I see less offensive and more minor criminal behaviours being actively pursued by the Police.

I wont concede that this new community of freeloaders does not have a home to go to. Each of them has come from somewhere to enjoy this current ‘promised land’. When it gets cold and wet during winter they will thin out in numbers. But it is not their presence that should be of concern – it is their demeanour and their behaviour. The vast majority of those roaming the CBD day and night are foul-mouthed, aggressive and threatening. The Government agencies who have loaded them into the city are complicit in the situation and truth is there is now no turning back. The accommodation providers are loving 100% occupancy and guaranteed cashflows (at premium rates too). The Government agencies can truthfully state that homelessness has declined. The freeloaders have income and opportunities.

And the rest of us must alter our daily pattern of walking to work, dining out, or just strolling around the city down to the waterfront to ensure that we are not accosted for money and/or threatened for being variously a suit, a honkie, a pig, a woman’s front bottom, or worse. I have almost had enough of the bullshit. I terminated my apartment lease effective 01 June and I am leaving town for a return to a safer and more peaceful life. Wellington city has been infected by these people and will likely not recover.

Correct Bob well said totally agree

Curious how all the money laundering bureaucratic half-wittery doesn’t seem to have batted an eyelid at those expensive bikes.

The problem has stemmed from kindness and tolerance being preached as an overarching tenet that governs all we do. While in principle this seems sensible and well intended the results that flow down are what we see throughout our society. Ie: give them an inch and they will take a mile. We need to correct back to a more balanced approach, and stop babying people who know better. We don’t have to tolerate this, just as we don’t have to be kind to dickheads.

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