My daily routine on wakening, is to wait for the hour to strike, then run through the TV news channels.

I start with Sky’s British home news. Like all channels it begins by out-lining its topics and if making them up, in other words a beat-up on a non-story, I dash through the rest (CNN, Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera and Russian TV).

With the occasional exception of Russian TV, I can’t recall one in recent months that doesn’t show us on every news report, someone being injected with an anti-Covid vaccination.

This must be the most over-flogged item in television history. God it’s tiresome.



You are correct, Sir Robert,It likely is the most over-flogged item in television history.
Tiresome it certainly is, however TV is an extremely effective propaganda tool.

The world’s news organisations have already succeeded in propagating the meme that CV19 is the deadliest,biggest baddest,etc,etc virus we’ve EVER faced.
Which it is not.
So,anyone who
is interested,and most who are not,know that vaccines are usually administered by hypodermic injection.
How then is a vaccine being administered in the usual way a “news” story?

Or is this simply further propaganda?

But wait there will be more:
Once Jacindaland eventually starts, at the front of the queue, our local news will join the bandwagon. The only good bit is that this momentous event will not register on the international news outlets.
And as there will be an announcement that there will be an announcement in due course, to announce the start, we can all plan to miss it.

They should show us the vaccine after-effects, like explosive yellow diarrhea and a 48 hour migraine. That would be more fun 🙂

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