I’m reliably informed Jacinda has her bags packed, ready should the call come, to fly to the Caribbean and deal to the La Soufriere volcano in St. Vincent.

We’re constantly told she sorted out White Island so La Soufriere shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, presumably after it’s copped a Jacinda scolding to behave itself.


If she decides not to go, it’s only because there are no cameras there, it must’ve broken her heart not being allowed to go to the Dukes funeral, there would be cameras from all over the world there

Yes agree but she will need to form a consultative group first and arrange an announcement date to advise when the announcement will be made.

    … and then , she’ll just implore the volcano to be kind …. and at the taxpayers expense , it’ll be reimbursed if it hands over its latent lava flows …. Sweet !

I believe Jacinda is currently dealing with the Indonesian floods, but will shortly be free to tackle climate change, the Rieman hypothesis and the disappearance of Amelia Earhart… Follow me for updates.

Well Well Well…who knew that Jesus was a woman and has surfaced in Morrinsville a few years back?
That old phrase..’ you aint seen nothing yet’ springs to mind!

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