Well, well, I thought it was just me but I diplomatically held my silence.

So it was refreshing to read that the BBC’s wall-to-wall “coverage” of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death has been the most complained about matter in British television history. So too with the British serious print media. It’s ludicrously gone on day after day, totally dominating their pages.

The Duke was married to the Queen and apart from issuing the odd mild quip and lending his name to various charities, otherwise he led a fairly uneventful life.

The day-after-day carry-on has been ridiculous, including to a lesser degree, our print media. I can’t comment re TVNZ’s treatment as I don’t watch their advertising-filled news broadcasts, but hopefully it’s been more sensible.

All credit to the Brits for complaining about this.


Quite right Bob
Cutting ribbons, nodding, shaking hands and making small talk with a myriad of google eyed sycophants is not what we commoners had to endure.

I had no idea that Jesus had actually been amoung us but apparently that is the case… I suspect the media are just so relieved to be talking about something (anything) other than covid and vaccines, that any sense of perspective has been lost

It’s pretty obviously a political skirmish and something the conservatives are enjoying tormentimg the Left with as partial revenge for all the wokeness tormenting them.

By all accounts he was a decent old chap with more brain cells and abilities than most.

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