Dirt poor Bhutan, renown for the happiness of its less than 800,000 people, vaccinated 93% of eligible adults inside two weeks.

New Zealand and Australia present an opportunity for the kingdom to earn some much needed cash, namely to come south and take over our covid vaccination management, something plainly beyond both governments.


Has our government remembered to vaccinate our PRIME MINISTER ?

Dose anybody know by chance ?


    She would have been first in the que.
    I doubt she was so kean for the sprog to get it.
    Now that would be an interesting question.

    She’s set up a working group to look into a preannouncement of the most media friendly time to make an actual announcement of if / & when , she’ll be vaccinated …. the nation awaits on tenterhooks ….

….sorry I don’t understand….why has the prime minister not had a media fest over her own vaccination??

….no story here !!

A? …what’s going on ? why TF not ??

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