Dawn Raid Shame lives on-

The above a Stuff heading re a grossly exaggerated unsurprisingly, RNZ podcast.

The Stuff report opens with a blatant lie; “Nearly 50 years after the police started a crackdown on Pasifika people in Auckland…”

The police did no such thing. The so-called dawn raids were aimed, not at Pasifika people as claimed but solely at illegal Pacific immigrants.

Islanders were legally coming into New Zealand in droves at the time, and through my association with boxing I knew many of them.

The rehashing of a half century old legitimate police exercise, carried out on government instructions, is a ludicrous beat-up.

Nothing has changed. The Police and other government agencies to this day, still pursue overstayers and illegal migrants and I don’t doubt, with the total backing of the wider public.

I say that as someone on record who hugely supports migration here which I believe has massively enhanced our life-style, and specially migration from Asia.

The issue was one of legality.



The lies are institutionalised, embedded and ubiquitous now. Shortly honest (that is challenging and, of necessity, potentially offensive) discussion will be liable for criminal prosecution with the truth as no defence. Thank you Jacinda; neither the wit nor wisdom to see where this leads.
When people start believing lies, repeating them, they loose the capacity to distinguish the truth. Everything falls apart.

The stretching and distortion of facts has been happening since time began; just take the Bible as an example, a mixture of fairy stories and historical events that may or may not have ever happened. Extolled by a few literate sandal wearers – so what has changed ?? Maybe only the literacy level.

    Yes, JBGood, the stretching and distortion of facts has been happening since time began…However, Sir Bob’s point is that this is an example of a deliberate and blatant lie.

    Further, a lie by a widely read(?) propaganda sheet.

    So what has changed??

    You are probably quite capable of providing your own answer

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