Phil Goff warned Auckland is becoming the Wild West, this in respect of gangland shootings and the gangs murdering one another.

You’ve got the wrong end of the stick Phil. No-one minds these losers killing one another, indeed, as reported, most are maori deportees from Australia and it may well be such actions comprise the only public good any of them have ever done. But downtown Auckland has been a disgrace for some years now.

First because of the degrading spectacle of dozens of beggars, a new maori industry now nation-wide. And at night in central Queen Street, a group of maoris leaping about, drunk and drugged, threatening anyone game to appear in their vicinity.

Then there’s the disgrace of bums everywhere in public places. They’re described as “homeless” and we’re expected to be sympathetic to their self-inflicted plight. I for one am not. Soft soaping by well-meaning charities is plainly not the answer.

Weak people only ever respond to hard outside discipline, self-discipline being the one thing lacking in their lives.

Our cities should be enjoyable and not despoiled in this fashion by parasites and losers.

If National had any guts they would promise to resurrect the former legislation banning beggars which would garner immense support.

If these bums and beggars were Chinese, an inconceivable proposition, you can be assured action would long since have happened.



Wow say it how it is Sir Robert ! Dare say the woke and the weary, in particular our so called university academics will have a field day over the above blog, if they get hold of it, and once again the dreaded R word will be bandied around.
Good on you for having the gonads to write what a vast majority of people think.

What about compulsory military training for the youth who havent got a job?

Now there’s a thought!

This misery is how our “social justice warriors” justify their own parasitic bullshit.

All readers should realise Andrew “Lenin’s Spectacles” Little and our chief social justice warrior her royal kindness, are about to severely restrict free speech.

SB could well be jailed for speaking the truth.

Scary !!

Wake up NZ.

The only thing the gang types understand is much greater violence than what they dish out and if they beat the powers that be to it and knock each other off without collateral damage this surely is a good thing .Less do gooder facilitation for the the other lot may induce some self motivation to improve their situation for some or they could kindly take up residence within Jacindas electorate and see if that solves their issues

I have read before in an essay somewhere on the way there is creeping revision of language by the Left, that “bums, tramps and hoboes” being redefined as “homeless persons” is a classic example of this. They are put on a par with unfortunate people who have been hit by a natural disaster or something and temporarily lost an actual home they’d owned. I wish I could remember who wrote it.

Wellington is going this way too now, bums loitering and begging, thanks to the government spending truckloads of money putting up welfare recipients in hotels because they can’t actually get houses built.

Whatever happened to begging being the oldest and most noble profession?

Frederick Williscroft April 20, 2021 at 7:46 pm

Absolutely agree. Auckland is a disgrace and alas Wellington not far behind. When I walk Wellington streets I am staggered at the number of beggars and those who seem to have set up home.
It would seem that the police and the council are completely disinterested as to how the city looks. Frankly it’s an embarrassment.
Contrast that as to when I go to Manhattan. You rarely see any beggars. The police have no tolerance and move them on. Can’t see that happening here anytime soon.

Thanks Bob for saying what we all think

Get Phil Goff to give them all a teddy bear each, out of ratepayers money.

Hello Bob. Those tramps sitting all day outside Queen Street shops, surely they can be classified as footpath obstruction? The council should remove them just as they do sandwich boards, as let’s face it, the tramps a much bigger health and safety hazard!

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