Unsurprisingly the United Nations has a Women’s Rights Commission, something that is a huge issue given the societal and religious oppression of women world-wide. The latter religious factor is primarily an Islamic issue.

How then is its cause advanced by the election of Iran to the Commission, that country being the world leader in female oppression?

The United Nations Organisation is a highly desirable institution in theory, notwithstanding its ludicrous bureaucracy and sinecure-providing abuses.

It’s also very expensive, the burden mainly falling on wealthier large nations. Trump muttered about withdrawing USA financial support with good reason but was wisely restrained from acting on this.

If the United Nations is not to go the way of its predecessor, The League of Nations, it must put a halt to such absurd decisions, failing which it’s meaningless.


Disgraceful decision. A hardline Islamic state like Iran, where women have few rights and are subjugated, should not be on the Women’s Rights Commission. Saudi Arabia is on the U.N. Human Rights Commission so I guess anything goes in that corrupt organisation.

There may be a logic here…What is that old saying “keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer”.

It’s far worse than meaningless already, in fact it’s outright dangerous. Hard to imagine a more woke bunch of “progressives” – outside the BBC, of course. Saudi Arabia on the Human Rights Commission, Iran on the Womens wotsit and the beatification of everything from Palestine alongside the vilification of the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

Trump had it right when he stopped funding them, a fact that no doubt Biden will overturn by giving them double for the next 4 years.

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