Here’s the over-whelming proof, specifically I gave sky-baying a crack on Sunday and prayed that the out-of-control Chinese rocket would land on that ghastly turd Menendez March.

But bloody God massively let me down and instead aimed it at India. We know he doesn’t like Indians as evidenced by his wholesale Covid attack on them, but good God God, none can be as bad as Menendez bloody March.

So that’s the end of religion for me, if you can’t rely on the bugger to show some judgement.


Bob you need to try sky baying in Maori…:)

I’m still hoping he’ll get run over by a monstrous diesel-belching SUV on that appalling ‘gay’ pedestrian crossing in Dixon Street. The irony in that would be perfect.

We already have a godless world, Better still……Although cosmic mysteries remain, Sean Carroll, a theoretical cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology, says there’s good reason to think science will ultimately arrive at a complete understanding of the universe that leaves no grounds for God whatsoever.

Carroll argues that God’s sphere of influence has shrunk drastically in modern times, as physics and cosmology have expanded in their ability to explain the origin and evolution of the universe. “As we learn more about the universe, there’s less and less need to look outside it for help,” he told Life’s Little Mysteries.

He thinks the sphere of supernatural influence will eventually shrink to nil. But could science really eventually explain everything?

It seems that space junk, much like God, moves in a mysterious way. I wonder exactly what help Sancho Panza has been to the poor of the world since he moved here…? Any guessing?

I hope Menendez March has a thick skin, as i feel like more well deserved abuse is due. I suppose its a case of beware the hides of March?

It probably depends on whether you think a model is an explanation or just a description.

Hi Bob

I’m thinking the problem is with your theology. We get to exercise our free will in time and history while we live on this planet. Judgement comes later.

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