The media have played up as “news” the ridiculous Air Force Court Martial of a woman called Nicole Leger.

Nicole sounds a goer having got drunk and allegedly made sexual overtures to various people at a private social function.

The sexual charges are pre-fixed as “indecent” which is unsurprising as logic says anyone thick enough to waste their lives training to kill their fellow men would doubtless have a Victorian outlook to sex.

The Air Force largely exists in name having thank God, bugger all aircraft to waste taxpayers money on.

Nicole, plainly a female, bears the rank “Leading Aircraftman” which is further confirmation of the low intellect of the military, too dull to acknowledge the recent years entry of women in their ranks and give them appropriate titles, specifically in this case “Leading Aircraftwoman”.

To add to the absurdity the Court Martial Panel of two military female personel and one male, is presided over by someone called Kevin for God’s sake. I mean how creditable is that?

Nicole faces the boot from the Air Force. I can think of no greater honour.

At Naenae College in the early 1950s we had every Tuesday afternoon given across to so-called military training and were issued uniforms. Army retardees turned up and had all the boys marching about and so on.

I burnt my uniform and point blank refused participation, this earning me one of my proudest achievements. That was in the school magazine in the section covering this crap, listing my name at the end as a deserter.

Then a few years later as I approached 18, I arrived home to find two halfwit soldiers waiting to arrest me for failing to turn up for my three months compulsory military training.

I threatened them with violence whereupon my no-nonsense mother intervened and told them to bugger off, which they did and I went into the too hard basket and heard no more.

So here’s my advice to Nicole. Tell these Court Martial pretentious buffoons to get stuffed, and flee to a real life including periodic drunken binges, sexual promiscuity and anything else that takes your fancy.



I’ve just read the relevant Herald article Sir Bob. She will definitely be getting an invite to my next party thats for sure……

Getting kicked out of any organization is a compliment. This bloke looks like he would fit in with Nicole:

But the reality is she will get a slap with a wet bus ticket. If she was a he prison would be guaranteed. A sad Fact!

Sounds like a good woman to me.
She definitely won’t qualify for the Labour Party!

What is war for? Absolutely nothing! Vested interests in the US have turned it into a business; otherwise known as the Military Industrial Complex’.

All the more reason to run as far away from a bogus career. The swiss seem to have the answer, and suggest we flow their lead. Establish a national security force; amongst other things to drive some discipline into wayward individuals who need this and structure in their lives.

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