A New Zealand Herald article advises that May is International Masturbation Month, this it advises having its origins in an International Masturbation Day established in 1995 in honour of then US Surgeon General, Jocelyn Elders.

Apparently Jocelyn was sacked for proposing masturbation be taught in schools.

The article does not say whether this is compulsory but regardless, why wait until May is nearly over before informing readers of this presumably obligatory duty?

Surely it should have been advised on the front page on the 1st May.


Perhaps announced earlier on the 1st of April would have been more appropriate. Then we would have even more time to think about it’s coming.

Yet again, aunty h shows why it is irrelevant

It’s targeted at the typical Herald readership Bob; though hardly necessary I would think. Everyday is masturbation day, and month of course for that sorry lot.
Thanks for reading it so we don’t have to; I know you only subscribe to get a laugh.

Perhaps this is why journalism is so blind these days.

In the immortal words of the virgin Mary ” Come again?”

Sit on both hands until they go numb – it feels like someone else is holding the paper for you.

OMG not another Herald article written by Wayne Ker!

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