A full page advertisement in the New Zealand Herald on behalf of a Queen Street watch retailer, The Hour Glass, offers advice on “how to achieve greatness”. I cannot recall ever reading greater gibberish.

The advert shows the deeply unpleasant spectacle of David Beckham’s heavily tattooed hand and on his wrist, a strikingly hideous watch; which is what the advert is trying to flog.

It contains three separate dials and three large winding knobs and I suspect might just possibly be appreciated in Ruatoria, but elsewhere, surely not.

So there you have it. Do you want to be the All Black captain, Prime Minister or swim underwater to Australia, then no problem? Buy this monstrosity and every ambition henceforth is a cake walk.

This is world-class drivel. Two things about it fascinate me; specifically who writes such cock and does he (no woman could do it, they lacking the requisite sense of humour) piss himself, shaking with laughter when penning this nonsense.


Ruatoria is the weed capital so a ghastly watch preferably talking Te Reo would sell. Is this watch Iranian for Spice?

Why wear a watch when cell phones are more accurate and have better gadgetry

As someone who has been involved in the sak=le of watches for generations,I am embarrassed to be associar=ted with sucj=h overblown drivel. Who cares about how stupid a Passe footballer can beat be associated with such puffery.

I have a Tudor watch, and I can bend it like Beckham, but not on the paddock

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