A New Zealand Herald correspondent Jon Stafford of Hastings, wrote that “he has nothing but praise for how Jacinda Ardern… handled the White Island explosion”.

So here’s a challenge for Jon Stafford. Tell us precisely what Jacinda did re White Island.

As soon as we know Jacinda can pop across to the Congo and deal with its volcano, currently causing havoc.


s’pose he’s the one who wants Mahuta sorting out the Middle East too…just as ‘volcanic’.

I’m looking forward to the next time Raupehu or Ngaurahoe blow big time. Comrade Jacinda (All Hail Dear Leader) will handle it.
I’m sure Indonesia will call her if Krakatoa gets cranky again.

Why wait? Send her off on the off chance she can do… nothing? Seems a good enough reason to me!

That’s is the media, about 90% left.

Christina Humphreys May 28, 2021 at 1:08 pm

No media left no nothing no Democracy farmers finally coming out to fight their land is being confiscated come on Sir Bob we need you out there, maybe u can set up a newspaper that’s not WOKE not PC freedom of speech back again!
This Marxist govt is destroying this country!

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