The New Zealand Herald reports how a non-member of the Greymouth Christian community Gloriavale, is seeking a judicial intervention in the community’s managing Trust and the removal of the current trustees.

This is preposterous. There are tens of thousands of registered Trusts in New Zealand, controlling all sorts of situations. The most common are family trusts.

This action, at some taxpayer expense in providing the Court and its associated costs, is akin to me seeking the sacking of the trustees in say Bishop Brian Tamaki’s church trust, with which, needless to say, I have no connection.

The beneficial parties to any Trust are prescribed, thus they alone should have the potential to bring such an action.

Reading this brought back memories of a drunken indulgent day on a launch on Sydney harbour. Everyone on board except me, was a prominent barrister.

At day’s end one of the barristers rose, and glass in hand, addressed the assembly, affecting a pompous addressing-the-Court manner. It went like this.

Drunken Barrister (swaying precariously and stressing each word): “Had-a-bit-of-a-windfall-on-Wednesday”.

All the Barristers in unison: “Tell us, tell us”.

Drunken Barrister, slowly: ”Chap-came-in-wanted-to-sue…”

The barristers: “Yes, yes, tell us, tell us”.

Drunken Barrister (loudly): “On principle”

The barristers: “You lucky bugger”.

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My understanding is that this person was ejected from the community – surely that gives him standing?

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