New Zealand is experiencing a horrific crime wave with endless news of mainly maori violence, murders and thefts in our cities.

What a huge joy therefore to read the heading, “Would-be burglar seriously injured after being confronted by home-owner”.

More of that please.


So true. We have just seen a prime example of motor cycle riding gang members blocking roads giving single finger salutes to the general public and generally being anti social. Why didn’t the pathetic police stop the lot , breath test, drug test them and check their motorcycles while they are at. The police and govt haven’t got the balls to follow Australian State Police and out law patches and gangs riding as a group. The army is sitting in Trentham doing nothing. We need the AOS and SAS to shut this mob down. These are mainly drug peddling Maori/Pasifika gangs. God help us because this
I govt won’t.

No doubt the bleeding-heart crim-huggers are organizing demands that the home owner be charged.

I think these types of activist situations will become more common. Ardern and labour are driving a wedge through the heart of NZ with their racist behaviour. Gangs and crims in general will feel more empowered by being told they are ‘special’ and ‘priviliged’ by ardern. Making Maori priviliged in justice, health,housing,health care etc etc IS Racism. Watch what happens next.
I believe many Maori are not pleases with what is taking place but in the Maori way are leaving it to their ‘betters’ to take the bribes being handed out.

He’s sitting at home laughing… On ACC.

Well said Bob.

Hell be on full ACC now… injured at work…

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