Last Saturday the Stuff web-site lauded itself for its “ground-breaking journalism”, as it reported how it has cleaned up the night before at the Voyager journalism awards.

This is a long established annual entertainment spectacle. Experience saw me instantly shift to the Herald web-site and in line with the annual ritual, it transpired that they had miraculously also swept the floor with these awards.

As consolation for an abysmal public image and low income, journalists are given baubles in the form of awards. In the course of time everyone gets one, much like giving soldiers medals.

But what really counts, they’re silent about, namely their audited sales figures.

Stuff stopped publishing these three years ago following a decade of annual 10% plus collapses.

The Dominion-Post is now believed to have daily sales below 30,000, and plunging rapidly, that’s a fifth of the combined sales when it amalgamated with the Evening Post a few years ago.

The cold hard fact is that newspaper reading is largely the habit of older generations and few people under 35 have ever as much as held one.

Print media is a sunset industry and Stuff, its entire fleet of papers, bought for $1, is aptly name. In short it’s stuffed.


Also falling into the ” non disclosure ” basket these days are Radio audience survey results as tested by the Gfk ratings surveys. The latest survey released by Gfk recorded a drop in audience of 47,700 weekly listeners for RNZ National, it’s second consecutive fall. Their listener numbers were recorded as 609,800, and are now fourth in rankings after The Edge, The Breeze and Newstalk ZB.
RNZ’s bastardization of their broadcast standards with dual delivery in english and maori has cost them serious audience rejection, and rightly so. Still, you won’t see or hear any mention of this by RNZ’s management.
Steve Ellis

Most of Stuff is unreadable drivel obviously aimed at those who don’t or can’t read. An extraordinary business strategy funded by the Government for political purposes.

Presumably it will collapse when Labour loses power and that funding ends. I hope National has the guts to cut these media corpses adrift and doesn’t just tweak their political message.

Bloody good job STUFF is going down the tubes. That is overdue Karma for some of the hideous anti-male, anti-white, anti-car et al arrogant garbage thought up by some of their young, smug, self-rightness, woke employees. I trust I’ll see them at some stage washing dishes in restaurants where they rightfully belong once they’ve been tipped out of their STUFFED employment.

The mainstream media including Stuff are now only kept alive by the government through taxpayer funding to serve as propaganda channels, where the government calls the shots on content. See for example the terms of reference for funding under the “Public Interest Journalism Fund” worth $55 million.

And fluff too Bob

Only ground breaking by these so called journalists would be with a pick or shovel.
Certainly not with a pen

The comment regarding soldiers and medals is worthy of Mr Menedez-March

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