Colin Craig continues to delight. His latest announcement after a decade of losing litigation, that he will now appeal to the Supreme Court over his sexual harassment of his former Press Secretary, will have the judges abuzz with anticipation.

The original High Court decision by Justice Anne Hinton should not be dismissed as a mad feminine thing. If Anne was a bloke I’d describe her as a “man of the world” who knows the difference between office horseplay and harassment.

So where to after the inevitable Supreme Court hiding? My pick there’s plenty of milage left in this as Colin next takes it to the United Nations.

If New Zealanders weren’t so bloody dour Colin would long ago have been declared our Poet Laureate for his love poems and an absolute shoo-in for the Entertainer of the Year award.

I’m picking the ultimate denouement will be a musical based on Colin’s life. It could be huge.


More than a Musical, this saga deserves an Opera.

Urg. This is why the name Colin is in the doldrums. We need a few heavyweights, a few captains of industry and intellectual giants to be named Colin.

    Richard S Gretton June 9, 2021 at 2:18 pm

    Yes indeed Colin! It was all down hill for Colins once Colin Meads started calling himself Pine Tree.

I’m sure this is just a coincidence…years ago I was a sheep farmer and sometimes had to raise orphaned lambs. I raised a ram lamb once and it turned out to be bloody hard work…thats the trouble when lambs are raised by humans..this one used to delight in running up behind people and ‘ bunting’ them in the rear. So, I named it Colin. It must have been a premonition that I chose ‘Colin’.
This story is for all the Colins in the World. There is definitely… ‘something about Colin’ !

Yes it has its humorous side, but that poor woman. It has so obviously taken its toll on her and must seem neverending.

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