An electrician’s classified advertisement in the local weekly freebie, The Hutt News, offering the standard appliance repairs and such-like, advises of an additional “service”.

Specifically, it reads, “We have both female and male electricians to give a wider perspective”.

A “wider perspective”?

There’s only one possible interpretation of this offer. The female electricians available are obese, thus providing the promised wider perspective.


Lot of language in the West is now verbose proving that the average IQ is in fact dropping as one struggles to prove ones intelligence … for a minute I was thinking ‘other services’ supplied by tradesmen-women ‘under the table’.

Not necessarily – perhaps they are offering philosophical insights into the meaning of blown light bulbs or the existential question of a double or quadruple plug?

Necessary these days, cannot have a male electrician fitting a female socket. Same applies to plumbers and gasfitters.

Are they offering something other than good service?

I’d have to say I’ve come across some female tradees on building sites in more recent times and it’s quite refreshing; and something that we should encourage more of. Low level office jobs are good for no one; other than the landlord perhaps.

We are in changing times, and this is one of the few positives

    The use of term “ac/dc” is about to be banned by the Labour party Council of Unified Feminists. Will hence forth be known as FFO which is abbreviation for Field Functioning Outer, (possibly related to the field energy surrounding an electric current).
    The party header for the change in legislative description unfortunately abbreviated to FFO CUF
    Surprised this was not noticed by administrative staff, may have been some confusion with the Te Reo translation.

How many feminist electricians does it take to change a lightbulb?

Five: One to change the lightbulb and four to worry about the passive role of the socket in the process.

When employing women, you have to be careful with what you say. For example, a man once came to quote on mowing our lawn. I asked “Do you blow?” Admittedly that was a poor choice of words when thinking about leaves but we both smiled and pretended we weren’t thinking of the other thing. If I had of been talking to a woman though, well she may have walked off site or dramatically increased her quote which could have been quite acceptable depending on her aesthetics.

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