The grotesque Trump is the greatest ever scar on America’s image, to an unfathomable degree. The truly astonishing aspect of this is that he retains such sizeable support, admittedly from the lesser intellects in society.

So here he goes again to loud acclamation, calling for China to pay trillions for the massive cost of Covid.

He promised the same nonsense in every speech in 2016, that Mexico would pay for the wall.

What’s clear is his supporters are blind religious zealots about his supposed merits, notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence to the contrary on every count.

Financial and legal (criminal) concerns will dominate his future, which is a happy prospect, and should ensure he will not be a player or even an influence, in the 2024 Presidential election.

Democracy is a far from perfect system but has the great virtue of being self-correcting, as evidenced in Trump’s single term on the throne.


Dear Sir Bob, I am interested in the degree of your concern you have regarding the various interpretations of the Treaty and the flow on effects on our liberal democracy. You have strong opinions on many topics and are seemingly fearless in expressing those opinions. I am sure your readers share my curiosity as to your thoughts on this. Regards, T.

    Agree Tony. Sir Bob – obviously off topic here but I think your readers would really appreciate some commentary from you on the seemingly daily doses of outrageous changes / mistruths / social engineering / separatism / ToW / language & the endless name-changing nonsense etc etc going on entirely unabated in New Zealand under this administration at this time. It seems everyone I talk to is saying the same thing. Even the few Labour voters I know are raising eyebrows. How about it….?

    That is an invitation for Sir Bob to enter the jaws of hell. As a comment critical of the current narrative will most certainly invoke an accusation of Racist. No one should go there in these times…….

Although I’m not a Trump fan, I believe he will be President again. He’s a ratings dream for the Media because he’s so controversial and flamboyant. Last time I won $500 from my Father who bet Trump would never be President.

Trump the man is hard to like. Crass, a narcissist and a habitual liar. But so are most in US Politics.
Man, some of those Democrats are just the worst. Schumer, Pelosi, Swalwell (had an affair with a Chinese spy and he’s STILL on the Intelligence Committee!), Maxine Waters, AOC, Jerry Nadler etc etc. All corrupt liars.
Trump’s achievement’s are significant. Lowest unemployment for Blacks ever. Support for the GOP from Blacks and Hispanics is at record levels.
Trump has turned the GOP into the Party of the working class whilst the Democrats are now elitist Urban Dwellers who think they are better than everyone else.
As for his Wall. Well, it works and the Mexicans love it because the Cartels move to other towns and the crime drops.
Hispanics and Blacks on the US Border side love it as it keeps out the cheap labour undercutting and stealing their jobs. Who would have thought jobs and law and order were favoured by Voters?
The list goes on.
Meanwhile, VP Kamala ‘Heels Up’ Harris has just got a bollocking from the Guatemalan President because Biden’s loose mouth started a surge and turned Immigration into a crisis and she’s off to Mexico tomorrow where she is going to get it worse from the Mexican President- who also has publicly stated she and Biden won by Fraud. (it wasn’t fraud but the rules were changed to make it harder to ascertain which Votes were not correct, like removing the requirement for signature matching and allowing bundling of Votes into insecure ‘drop off’ Bins.)
The US will soon see it was better with Trumps type of economic and foreign policy than with Bidens.
Biden is just an Obama Puppet.
I don’t think Trump will run again but his influence will help the GOP win both the Senate and Congress next year. The GOP has realised that he is onto something with his support for the working man.
Lastly the States which had the absentee voting Ballot Laws changed illegally during the last Election are all changing their Rules back and/or have made them tighter. The Dems won’t get away with that again.
And some Districts have been redrawn due to the Census and now favour the GOP.
I think we will see the Dems lose control of both the Senate and Congress. The US people don’t like paying $7 a gallon…

Im afraid I agree with Adrian. With 74 million votes last time around Trump won’t just “fade away”. I am willing to bet that the criminal charges that he is definitely going to face will further embed his support as MAGA’s see him as a martyr.
My money is on the Grand Jury indicting him on fraud and tax evasion. So by the time he faces a trial, he will be running against Biden. Run he will.
I am only comforted by Churchill’s comment about trusting Americans to do the right thing once all other avenues are exhausted.

He’s playing on the media’s hypocritical reversal on the lab escape from being “Fake News” under Trump but suddenly legitimate under Biden.

Barring a surprise in the ongoing forensic ballot audits (Arizona results in next 2 weeks and likely Georgia to start soon after – if large scale fraud is real then will blow up into a constitutional crisis) Trump is yesterday’s news. Too old and too many negatives. DeSantis will be the next Republican candidate after his strong competent stewardship of Florida during covid and what appears to be principled posturing to media (though who knows what’s behind the facade). He’s a strong chance for ’24 with Biden likely retiring and Harris almost universally repellant (she’ll be pushed aside for a more appealing candidate).

The forensic audit of votes in Georgia likely be followed by the same process in Arizona. Then the other swing states. The audits will almost certainly show there was a landslide victory to Trump, which was stolen by the Democrats. On top of that there is now a billion dollar federal case against Smartmatic and the Dominion Voting Machines. There will be evidence presented of cyberwarfare on election night by China, flipping Trump votes to Biden.
If the American Supreme Court has any credibility left they will consider the evidence of election fraud and determine who is the legitimate winner of the 2020 Presidential election.

I thought the Bad Orange Man spoke quite a few home truths, the most chilling of which was this:
“They’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way”

to Bryan Trenwith: What colour is the sky on your home planet? Bright Orange perhaps?

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