“Ratbag Property Developer asked to buy damaged properties 24 hours later”.

The above caption was written by a deservedly low paid, envy-ridden Stuff website sub-editor.

It recounted how a mind-blowingly stupid Papatoetoe house-owner is in her own words, “in a perpetual state of anger”. And why?

Having seen her house destroyed by the tornado, apparently a property developer asked her and the other wrecked home-owners whether they would like to sell.

That’s offering a reasonable option which she could accept or decline and precisely why she should be angered by this is only explainable by world class stupidity.

As the house is a write-off she now faces being homeless for a year or two while first she negotiates with her insurer, then has to have the site cleared and then have a new home designed then go to tender to have it built. By the time she’s endured all of that palaver, her current anger will seem like a pin-prick in comparison.

The woman presumably can’t help being stupid. What is truly puzzling is that the Stuff no-hopers considered this to constitute “news” and further, why the house developer who offered relief from all of that, is a ratbag.


Yes Sir Robert there is a lot of stupidity about and regrettably it is being promoted by our Government and governments in most developed countries.

If only the government could move that fast!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

With appropriate insurance, she should either cut and run or do a deal with the developer on a new house build if she is so passionate about the area. Its likely they will facilitate something faster than she would.

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