I fear the government will back down over the America’s Cup matter. I hope not.

Far from its vaunted tourism value, internationally it’s an absolute non-event, barely mentioned in the world media. And understandably so as it’s surely the most boring event conceivable with zilch spectator value.


At last! Someone tells the truth. This event is absolutely miniscule on the world stage. The international audience is 1/10,000th of European football. A reasonable quiz question would be: Name the television viewers for the America’s Cup in America, Limit it to surnames and it’s even easier.

Agree Bob, I lived in the United States in the early to mid 1990’s. When the Americas Cup races were going on they were on the most minuscule of sporting channels. As I travelled from State to State nobody I asked had ever heard of it.

While I suppose stranger things have happened this time in my view you have it right
It has achieved some sort of tidy up of the Auckland waterfront I suppose

Yes I had similar experience during a visit to the United States.
I asked an old New York friend of mine what he thought about the America’s Cup.
He replied “ What’s that a horse race?”

Nothing but an ego trip for the billionaire team owners, who have more money than they know what to do with.

One could argue the state sponsored other industry. It helped sink the BNZ, but Fay had a great time doing it.

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