The offbeat news report of a 200 strong flock of leghorn chickens running wild in Auckland’s Titirangi amused me. The problem is their non-stop crapping, otherwise they have novelty visual appeal. Pigeons, doves, ducks etc never stop pooing. The old saying “shitting in your nest” stems from this fact and is literally true. My mirth at this oddball news-item was compounded by Stuff’s reporting of it.

They described Titirangi residences as being “terrorised” by these birds. Terrorised? Have there been fatalities, small children pecked to death, babies eaten or whatever, to justify use of “terror”, described by the OED as “extreme fear”.

Is there potential to exploit this situation with dangerous wild-life safari tours, escorted by armed guides to inspect this new species of killer chickens?

God I’ll miss Stuff when it’s gone.

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Anyone have any idea why Stuff has taken to using photoshopped images in its “reporting”? Where did those ARs go? https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/300334640/elderly-couple-dies-in-suspected-murdersuicide-in-pukekohe

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