News that the Vatican has indicted ten of its senior clerics including a Cardinal, (the once third highest ranked), for financial fraud certainly came as no surprise to me.

If the Pope had had the nous to seek my advice on how to avoid such disasters, I’d have told him of my successful life-long policy, specifically, never employ a Catholic in financial activities.


Sophia Aramutu Pewhairangi Thompson Right July 7, 2021 at 10:38 am

Apparently Christianity is considering the Sharia workshop manual as the shops been looking a bit shabby lately and their manual doesn’t cover modern accounting.
Might have some good points; perhaps a copy for Labour ? …a Mexican version.

eke pahianus koati

This has been coming for a while. It has even come out that one of the Vatican’s Cardinals was involved in stirring up the Case against Cardinal George Pell with certain ‘Journalists’.
Pell, of course, was very much involved with the investigations regarding corruption in the Vatican Bank.
They had to get him out of the way. They failed- God’s work perhaps?

There’s corruption in more places than you think, and the biggest ones are never caught out.

The winebox exposed how deep corruption goes…Not to mention epstein…

God may not help..but money and blackmail often does.

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